Logan and Caleb

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How We Met

I had ended a relationship that was going nowhere fast and was not ready to date then, if ever. We met through a couple we knew (my best friend and his fraternity brother) that dated. He saw a picture of me and asked and was encouraged to reach out to me, which he did. We texted for a while but he wanted to meet in person. I drug him to a scholarship pageant since he wanted to meet me, I wanted it in a public place with people I knew around me.

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After that, we were together almost constantly and when he kissed me for the first time I knew it was THE first kiss. I insisted on remaining nothing but friends for a few months and he was extremely patient. In February 2017, I asked him to date me while we were at his fraternity’s philanthropy dinner. We went on a few trips together in the next five months, including road tripping to Chicago to see Hamilton. He also has four cats that I fell madly in love with.

I was also pretty in love with the man who was there for everything. In September 2017, I was diagnosed with a pain disorder and autoimmune disease- both incurable.

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He did more research than I did to help take care of me to the best of his abilities. He also saw me through multiple surgeries within close proximity to the others. He doesn’t miss a doctors appointment. For checkups, follow-ups, tests surgeries, etc, he always there. He volunteers alongside me no matter where I want to volunteer he has helped fundraise, collect donations, serve food or drinks to runners, drop off donations, participated in walks and runs for charities, and even helped me at an exotic wildlife campaign which included holding snakes.

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He goes to prom with me (I’m a high school teacher). He and my brother get along so well. My parents love him. He attends Broadway musicals with me because I absolutely adore them. He has been supportive as I have taken a different job position, agreed to coach a team, and as I have begun grad school and started an internship that counts towards my degree. He is a man that supports me no matter the circumstance.

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how they asked

We went hiking on a Sunday afternoon, which happened to be my parents’ wedding anniversary. When we got to the top of the mountain he pointed out a shady spot where we were alone and out of the sun. Once adjusted in this spot, we sat and looked at the gorgeous views. Then He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands because he had something for me to wear to miss North Carolina (I was a contestant last year and my best friend is competing this year!).

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I could feel something material in my hand and when I opened my eyes it was a sash that said “Future Mrs. Smith?” And he had a ring. He said some lovely things- I’m still not sure what they were because I was so excited- and he popped the question. But before answering I asked if he was sure, to which he assured me he was, and I said yes!!!

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