Logan and Brynn

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How We Met

Logan and I met in the quintessential millennial way, but our simple act of ‘swiping right’ was hardly the end to our kismet start.

Getting on dating apps was an intriguing way for me to meet new people in LA, and having just ended a relationship, I was certain that there was no way I’d meet my forever with some algorithm, so what could it hurt? My parents love reminding me that ‘God laughs at our plans,’ and this situation turned out to be no different.

Those that know me know I’m proud of my corny humor; I love ‘dad jokes’ and puns more than most. (And you get major bonus points if you embrace the cheese yourself!) So seeing Logan describe himself on Tinder in pure Emoji’s, I thought this was not only hilarious but also extremely creative. And I knew going on a date with him would be fun. We’re both crazy busy planner people, so after talking for two weeks or so via text, we FINALLY found a time to meet. Whipping out his dad jokes on the first date was a bold move, but there we were on a Mini Golf course throwing our heads back in laughter and having an effortless conversation. By the end of the round, it was clear that neither of us wanted the date to end.

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I suggested a nearby spot for brunch, and this LA west coast man surprised my southern self once more by opening the door for me, pulling out my chair, and of course not letting me pay the check (he told me he’d called ‘dibs’ …thus beginning a competitive game that will thankfully end when we say ‘I do’). I left this first date COMPLETELY intrigued, and with a huge grin on my face, I texted my best friend (aka Mom!) that there was something special about the algorithm of a date I’d just been on.

Countless hikes and college football games, adventures of camping and skiing together, and late night talks of love and family later, I found myself steadily falling more and more in love with this funny adorable man. For every trip we took, Logan made sure we commemorated it by buying me an Alex & Ani bracelet. Each would relate to the trip in some way, and following pulling off a surprise trip to San Francisco last year for my birthday, I knew in my heart that God had given me my forever: a man that was patient, kind, hilarious, supportive, and the most selfless person I’d ever met.

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how they asked

With our friends getting married left and right, everyone had been asking Logan when he’d pop the question himself. Brushing them off, we formed a joke that it’d be another 20 years before we tied the knot, and people would have to get over it.

Well… If I ever thought my planning game was strong, my fiancé puts that to shame entirely.

He casually mentioned to me months prior that his buddy was graduating from school in San Francisco, and he had booked us tickets to celebrate with him in May. I, of course, jumped at the idea of spending some time in one of my favorite cities we’d been to together, and we started planning, making our own itenerary…Logan, of course, leaving out a few KEY details.

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The day of, we visited places around the city that we love and played a serendipitous round of Mini Golf at a spot Logan found. He made sure we grabbed breakfast at my favorite place and ordered my favorite pizza in the hotel room while we were getting ready for dinner. We made time on our itinerary to hit the beach by our dinner spot to look at the Golden Gate Bridge a bit closer, so we headed that way. It had been gloomy out all morning in typical SF fashion, but as we got out of the Lyft, the sun popped out and cleared every cloud in the sky! We took pictures, dipped our toes in the water, and soaked in the gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t think it could get any better…then suddenly Logan turned me around to see him pulling out a small book out of his jacket pocket.

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“I know your love language is words, so I’ve written it all down…”

At that moment I knew.

“Brynn, these past 3 and 2/3rd years with you have been nothing short of amazing. Swiping right on you has been the best decision of my entire life, even if you did have headshots. I never thought I would find someone who was so much of a planner, a sports fanatic, selfless, driven, funny, and just all round incredible. We have had so many adventures together, so much happiness. You make me laugh, you make me proud, and I truly believe we are MFEO.

When writing this, I tried to come up with what my ah-ha moment of wanting to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you was, but I’ve realized that every day I wake up and love you more and more. I want my life and your life to become OUR life. We started 45 months ago just like it did today with a round of mini golf, and I won’t want to wait another 20 years…”

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He put the book away, got down on one knee, and asked me by my full name to marry him. It was the most perfect moment, blended with tears and laughter, and truthfully I don’t remember if I said yes before I just started kissing him, but eventually I think I got the word out. Haha!

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After a moment, Logan told me to look up at the ridge to see some people that also wanted to celebrate with us.

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He knows how special my parents and brother are to me. I miss them constantly, as we live in Los Angeles and they in Texas. And there they were, as well as his family and our childhood best friends! He’d arranged for all of them to be there to witness one of the greatest moments we’d share in our lives. I couldn’t believe it.

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We shared a champagne toast from my parents in typical Texan ‘red solo cup’ fashion, and Logan handed me a new Alex & Ani box. We’ve joked that there are so many details about weddings and engagements to keep track of, so he was making his own rules and going to be the first to gift me an engagement present: The date and our initials were engraved on a medallion next to the “Because I Love You” charm, and on the back read ‘Will You Marry Me?’. That day along with the rest of the weekend was complete perfection, and I cannot wait to marry this incredible man.

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Special Thanks

John Meyer
 | Photographer