Logan and Ben

Logan's Proposal in Boone North Carolina

How We Met

Ben and Logan first met on a spring break cruise to the Bahamas in 2013. I was with my close friends Lacee, and Bonnie and a few family members including my brother, mom, cousins, and aunt. He was with his college roommates Jody, and Matt, as well as Jody’s family. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone and was ready for a total girls weekend. He was there to have a blast with his college buddies. I first saw him walking across the bottom deck by the pool. I looked to my friends to point him out and say “look at that cute, tall guy.” We returned to our rooms and decided to get ready for dinner. I remember hearing some loud laughing in the hallway and thought I would step outside. (I didn’t want to miss any fun). I swung open the door and clear as day, there was Ben along with Jody and Matt standing in the hallway. We happened to be neighbors on the ship. The vacation went on we spent the entire time together. Hanging out in each others rooms, meeting up after dinner, and eating late night pizza and ice cream. He made her laugh like nobody had before. On our first day in port, I was sitting on the beach drinking a coconut, (Okay, a few) when out of nowhere appears you guessed it, Ben and the crew. I was so excited to have found him on the beach that day. We ended up getting fake married by a man selling wooden turtles on the beach and laughed about it for days. I’ll be honest, She thought he was too good to be true. On the last day I ignored Ben and tried to realize I wouldn’t be seeing him again. I was living and going to school at Florida State and Ben was going to school at USF. A few weeks after we got home, I got a Facebook message. It was a request from Ben to come visit him in Tampa. I went, and was greeted by a ring pop to actualize our turtle wedding in the Bahamas! It was then I knew he could be the one. We spent the next year having the full college experience tailgating, going to parties, beach days and weekend trips. We were long distance for almost three years and went through so many stages of life together.

Proposal Ideas Boone North Carolina

how they asked

It seems like I should have known this proposal was coming a mile away. We were at a winery in Boone North Carolina in the snow on a vacation. A vacation that we take every year with a group of close friends from college. This man got through airport security with a ring in his backpack and I never found out! The night we got in, we stayed at friends of ours. We woke up and loaded into a rental van and headed towards the mountains. We took turns playing throw back music and laughing. Our group plan was to drive until we were able to stop and take pictures. Something we do every year. My friend Brittany was so excited to take these pictures and I was excited too! We stopped once and it was so cold and windy I declared we were getting back in the car ASAP! As we got close to the cabin my fiancé spotted a pretty bridge. We pulled down into the lot to park. (It was full of dumpsters, my friends joke that he could of asked right then and I still would have said yes.) As we walked across a bridge over to a winery it started to snow. Sure enough snow covered the ground soon after it started. It wasn’t even supposed to snow our whole trip! I had been checking the weather days leading up to our trip hoping for it! We started to walk around together to find a pretty spot to take pictures. Our friends followed but seemed pre-occupied in their own significant others. Ben asked if I wanted to take a picture in the snow and I said of course. As we walked out to take the picture he started to say, “you know you’re my best friend right, and I’ve known that since I met you.” I said “yeah I know, how do we stand for the picture.?” After that he kept trying to talk and I kept cutting him off and reposing us.

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Finally he said can you just stop for a second I need to tell you something. From their it is a blur. There were tears, and lots of kisses, me saying yes before he even asked, and a heart full of happiness and surprise.

Logan and Ben's Engagement in Boone North Carolina

When I looked up our friends were cheering and of course were able to snap some pictures thank goodness! After we were able to begin celebrating with half of our future bridal party right then and there. I couldn’t have imagined it any better!

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