Logan and Austin

How We Met

At age 12, one doesn’t expect to find the person they will marry, especially in small town Tolar, TX, population 681. Austin and I dated in junior high for one whole week and I broke up with him after I decided he was moving too fast for me. I didn’t think we actually were supposed to talk to each other?! At that point, boys still had cooties. Three years went by but Austin and I continued to stay in touch. He eventually turned into my best friend. On 1-1-11, he asked, “Do you want to make things official?” After that, the years continued to fly by and we transitioned through life together. High school graduations turned into college graduations and applying to colleges turned into applying for jobs. My favorite part about finding Austin so young has been growing up with him. I’ve gotten to see his life dreams and plans turn into his, and now our reality. Here we are 7 years later and I am so thankful for him and that we get to spend forever together.

How They Asked

Austin and I had been talking about marriage for quite some time but were just waiting until the timing worked out. I was graduating from Texas Tech in May and Austin knew I wasn’t moving to Dallas with him unless I had a reason to. One weekend, while Austin was visiting me in Lubbock, I was suspicious that he may be planning to propose. However, he quickly made plans to go out with all our friends so my hopes of him asking were then non-existent. While leaving lunch that day, I noticed Austin wasn’t taking the traditional route home, but instead driving onto Texas Tech’s campus. I immediately asked him what we were doing and quickly realized when we got out of the truck that we were headed to Memorial Circle, the focal point of Tech’s campus. Upon arriving at Memorial Circle, Austin had our “Adventure Book” (like the one from UP!) waiting for me. I read the message he had written with the concluding statement saying, “Will you marry me?” I excitedly accepted and now on September 29, 2018 we will officially become “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ashlock.”


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