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How We Met

The story of how Brendan and I met is a sweet one to share, we are high school sweethearts that have been madly in love for eight years. It all started in high school circa 2008. Brendan and I are two years apart, went to rival high schools, and have one mutual best friend in common. Our bestie Hayley went to school with Brendan but played competitive softball with me, she is our mutual BFF that played cupid and introduced us in high school.

I can still remember the exact outfits we both wore when we hung out for the first time and the sweetest smile he had on his face when we locked eyes. I remember so many thoughts running through my mind and being so nervous, but there is something about him that gave me a sense of comfort and friendship. A feeling that lead to a connection that was undeniable… Even then as teenagers. I was quickly swept off my feet and in love for the first time.

The years to follow consisted of so many new adventures together — we both went to college and did the long distance thing for a couple years, he moved to San Francisco after he graduated college, we moved into our first apartment together two blocks from Union Square, we got our fur baby Charlee, had many vacations and our first out of the country travel, and of course just being completely wrapped up in the moments in between.

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how they asked

As time passed by, we casually decided one night eating Thai food that we were going to travel out of the country. We set the date for the week of Thanksgiving because we could get the most time off with the holidays. The destination? Vietnam. You can read all about our thrilling adventures here and here.

After a very long and restless red eye flight, we finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We spent four days roaming all around the city, exploring as much as we could. When planning our trip, I told Brendan that at some point I wanted to spend some time on the coastline. Vietnam is known to have some of the most gorgeous beaches. Little did I know he had secretly planned an entire getaway for us that would lead up to his proposal.

When we arrived to check in they brought us to the most beautiful beach bungalow that was just steps away from the ocean water — it was breath taking. Our last day in Mui Ne, Brendan had it all planned out. We had couples massages scheduled and would spend the morning relaxing together. He also planned for me to get a mani/ pedi after the massage, which should have been a total giveaway considering I got my nails done before we left but I just thought it was sweet. All I wanted to do later that day was lay by the gorgeous ocean with a cocktail in hand, while hopping back and forth to the pool. It was the prefect day, I couldn’t have dreamed for a better day.

That night we decided to stay at the resort for dinner. We had an incredible meal right under the stars, listening to the waves crash, reminiscing over our trip. After dinner Brendan said he wanted to take a picture under the most gorgeous structure covered in greenery and delicate little flowers — this is giveaway number 2 that I overlooked. When we arrived and were walking around the resort I saw this same exact spot and casually told Brendan in conversation that I wanted to get married under something this beautiful. He asked a women working to kindly take a picture and was explaining to her how to use the camera, or so it seemed to me. When Brendan walked over I grabbed him and started to pose, again thinking we were taking a picture.

It was then that he turned to me and gave me that same sweet smile he gave me when we first met. Before I could process what was going on, he pulled me closer to him, got down on his knee and pulled the most stunning ring I’ve have even seen! I was breathless. I knew he was talking because I could see his mouth moving, but in the moment my heart was beating so fast everything had gone black. I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out, maybe even both. I couldn’t hear a word he was saying, but then realized he had stopped talking. I panicked and grabbed him for a kiss — yes, I forgot to say YES, but in all fairness that was my yes. I wrapped my arms around him and immediately a flood of tears streamed down my face.

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He held me the tightest he’s ever held me and giggled while tears of joy streamed down my face into his shirt. Brendan ran over and got the camera that had really been recording the whole time, hence the long explanation with the women. I’m so thankful he thought to record that moment to have forever to share with our families and watch over and over again.

We laid together on the patio couch holding each other for awhile, gazing at the new sparkly addition on my finger that replaced a promise ring he gave me when I was sixteen. I couldn’t believe he had pulled something so perfect like this off without me knowing, it was more than I ever imagined. After I settled down a bit, Brendan told me that both our families and closes friends knew.

He explained how before I moved back to Las Vegas he took my parents out to dinner to ask for their blessing in marriage. Of course, this too brought me again to uncontrollable tears (I was obviously an emotional mess, I couldn’t stop crying for like two days straight) as he was telling me about their conversations and my parent’s reaction, the laughter and tears they all shared together, and of course my parent’s blessing. This was something so special and important to me and was an immediate reminder of why this man is the one for me. We spent the next couple hours sharing the excitement with our families and friends on the other side of the world.

One of the most magical moments was later that night laying in bed, I asked Brendan to tell me everything he said again so I could remember it forever. As he laid there holding me, he told me all over again the reasons he loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together. This was such a special moment for us. One that I will never forget!

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