Lluvia and Aaron


How We Met

It all started back when Myspace was trending. It all started with a friend request. From there it started to liking each other’s pictures, commenting on each other’s posts and frequently finding each other frequently on Myspace. We started messaging each other constantly. He asked me on our first date. Our first date we went to Chili’s. After our first date we went on 4 more dates and on our 5th date he asked me to be his girlfriend. We immediately clicked and after he asked me out I was shocked to find myself dating him. I didn’t know that 6 years later we would be together making memories together. I knew he was the one when I found out he hated chocolate as much as I do.

how they asked

Starting the month of July, I was preparing myself to throw him a mexican fiesta birthday party with the help of friends and family members. Never did I expect that that day would have changed my life forever. Helping out guests and running up and down. The night almost had ended. Then, it was time to break the piñata. We blind folded him and he started trying to hit the piñata with a few misses. When his turn had ended, everyone wanted me to hit it as I was the one who organized the party. They blind folded me and started spinning me around. They spun me around many times wondering why was it taking so long. Everyone kept shouting “spin her more, spin her more!”. While blind folded Reyna (Aaron’s Mom) started forming a heart shape around us with red petal roses.

Everyone was screaming “spin her more, spin her more” and that’s exactly what they did. It never crossed my mind that this would be the day. My parents and his parents were holding 4 signs saying Will You Marry Me? After a while, I didn’t hit the piñata. Everyone kept telling me to take off my blind fold. When I took off my blind fold I saw the sign. I couldn’t believe it! I was speechless, many emotions running through my mind. When I turned around I saw him on one bended knee and he said “Will You Marry Me?”.


Still in shock words wouldn’t come out of my mouth.


I held him, hugged him and tears rolled my eyes from happiness.


Could this really be happening to me? With tears in my eyes and my makeup all over the place all that I could do at the moment is just hug him tightly.


All our friends congratulated us, hugged us, took pictures of us and we let the night continued. The night continued. We celebrated his birthday to realize that the next day I no longer was his 6 year old girlfriend, his best friend. Starting July 31st I was Mrs. Future Valadez.

Our Video

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