Lizzy and Henry

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How We Met

We met one night when i was working the door at The Old Rock House in St. Louis. We had mutual friends, mainly my little sister. We hit it off immediately, it was like we had known each other forever. We ended up talking the whole night. After that we worked together on a few events, holding enjoyable conversation each time. After a few months we bumped into each other out one night and he asked me on a date. He was such a gentleman, so polite! Since that date 2 & 1/2 years ago, he has taken me out for a date night every week. He is still just as much a gentleman as he was on our first date.

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how they asked

It was my dream to go to Thailand and spend a day with an elephant up close. So for 2 years we saved and planned for the trip of our lifetime. We did all this research to find the perfect elephant camp that treated the elephants the best. After two years of researching, sacrificing, saving & anticipating, the time finally came. It was my first time out of the country, and i couldn’t have been more excited to embark on this adventure with the love of my life! We started our journey in Bangkok where we got our first taste of Thai culture. On the big day we got picked up from our hotel at 4 AM and drove 3 hours into the countryside. We watched the sunrise over the mountains. We stopped to offer two children monks food, and received the first of many blessings on that trip. We arrived to the beautiful camp sitting on the river Kwai, surrounded by mountains.

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I soon realized that we were the only tourists there, we had the whole camp to ourselves! They introduced us to our elephants right away. We brought them big bags of corn to make friends with them. It was pretty intimidating walking up to an enormous elephant and sticking your hand in it’s mouth, but they were so gentle and friendly! Our mahouts instructed us on how to get onto the elephants. They lift their leg up, you grab their ‘collar’ and pull yourself up onto their neck. The mahouts and our guide walked next to us helping us with the verbal commands along the way. We trekked through the jungle and came to a clearing with one lone twisty tree. We got off the elephants, and played around with them, and took some pictures.

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Our guide had the elephants lay down and told us to lay with them and pretend to be sleeping while she took pictures. Henry went first, then it was my turn. When I opened my eyes I saw our love box sitting in front of me on the elephant’s foot. Years ago i was the first to say i love you, & i wanted to do it in a really special way. So I found a heart shaped box, cut out little hearts & wrote all the reasons i loved him on each one, with the last one saying “I love you”. I strung them on yarn like garland so he had to read one at a time, leading to the final most important one. He took that box, flipped all the hearts over and wrote all the reasons he loved me on each heart. I opened the box & read each sweet, adorable, kind thing he wrote. When i was finished i looked up and he was there with the ring!

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“Will you marry me” ? It was so surreal with the elephants laying behind me, & the beautiful scenery all around!

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I jumped into his arms crying uncontrollable tears of joy. It was hands down the single most beautiful moment of my entire life. We were both 32 & had waited a long time to find our soul mates. We refused to settle with anyone other than the one. It was a long, sometimes discouraging wait to find each other, but when we did, it was magic!

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Our love was magical, and that moment in the jungle, with the elephants, was pure joy. After saying “YES!!!!!” We walked under the elephants 3 times to bring good luck to our marriage. After that we got back on the elephants and rode them into the river, where we got to swim with them. They threw us around, and sprayed us, and splashed with us, it was amazing!

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When we got back to the camp, the mahouts families had made me a bouquet and crown out of fresh picked flowers. It was really sweet. Every second of that day was over the top incredible. I’m so grateful for that experience. I’m grateful to have a partner to chase big dreams with. I’m so grateful that i found the most perfect for me future husband.

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