Lizzie and Sam

Image 1 of Lizzie and Sam

On Thanksgiving weekend in New York City, Sam proposed to Lizzie after a year and 3.5 months of dating. The proposal timing came as a surprise. Sam rushed to purchase a guitar to use in New York, saying he wanted to serenade his relatives at the holiday dinner. Then he let Lizzie enter the Hamilton lottery for that night, thinking the odds were rightfully slim that she wouldn’t get tickets. They were relaxing inside when he asked her to come out to his parents deck. There was a gorgeous setting of dozens of white roses and his guitar and candles. Look over there, he said, as Lizzie, Will You Marry Me? Projected onto one of her favorite historical architectural buildings the flat iron building. He sang her an original song entitled Forever, Be With Me. Of course Lizzie said yes and they went to dinner with his extended family.