Lizzie and Logan

Lizzie and Logan's Engagement in Katherine Island in Albert Lea

How We Met

Ironically, Logan and I first met at a wedding. Where I was the photographer and he was the best man. ❤

Where to Propose in Katherine Island in Albert Lea

Lizzie's Proposal in Katherine Island in Albert Lea

how they asked

On a random Tuesday in April, Logan told me he had a date night planned. Which wasn’t unusual because he plans dates for us all the time. This one was a surprise date though. Last minute he told me it was a picnic! We pulled up to an island where we went when we first started dating. The spot where he had given me flowers for the first time. We sat down and started eating our sushi, which is one of our favorites. There was snow so we didn’t sit long, and Logan said we should take a picture before heading home.

So we start crossing the bridge and Logan flags down this man and says “excuse me sir, will take a picture of us for our date?” The man took down his hood and pulled off his sunglasses. It was Logan’s BEST FRIEND! I just stared at him and said: “Blake you weirdo, what are you doing here?” Because he lives in another town. I look back at Logan and he is on his KNEE!!! I about fainted! I don’t remember anything that happened after that, except that I ended up engaged to the most amazing man in the world! I cannot wait to marry him!!!

Special Thanks

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