Lizzie and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I are both from Charleston, SC, and went to the same small high school. Despite the school only having around 90 kids per grade, we never interacted or really knew each other. After college, we had both moved back home to Charleston and were working at the same tech company. While at work I would sit in the lobby every day and noticed Joe walking by and thought he was attractive and looked familiar but couldn’t quite place him. Joe messaged me on Facebook one day saying he thought that he recognized me and suggested catching up over coffee. We have been dating ever since and three and a half years later he proposed.

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How They Asked

Several months prior to the engagement we moved to Washington, DC. One of our favorite things to do is to walk the National Mall every evening. Little did I know this would be the site of the most special moment of my life. A couple of weeks before our engagement, Joe had been accepted into law school in DC and we were both thrilled. He booked us an eight-course tasting menu dinner with champagne and caviar service at a really exclusive restaurant to celebrate. The morning of the dinner Joe had explained to me that he really wanted me to feel so special for our night out and treated me to an entire day of pampering at the spa before cocktail hour and dinner.

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He told me that he had gotten us tickets to a cocktail party in the Smithsonian Castle Gardens, one of my favorite places in DC, but when we arrived that was not quite the case. We stepped out of the car and he took me across the street to the middle of the National mall and not to the gardens as expected. When we stood in the middle of the mall he said “I brought you here because this is where I want to start our life together. I love you. Will you be my best friend forever?” Just like that, he bent on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

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Everyone in the mall around us started clapping and cheering as tears ran down my face and I said “Yes!” As he kissed me and placed the ring on my finger he told me to look to my left and my friend, a professional photographer, was taking pictures of the whole thing. He captured the most beautiful moment of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Cassidy DuHon
 | Photographer