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How We Met

We met in March of 2013, March 11, 2013 to be exact. How we met? Well it all started with a concerned mom and a smidgen of a know it all sister. Lizzie was single, 24 and living in CA. She was a flight attendant based out of MN, so she was spending much of her time with her sister in MN. With the majority of her family here, she planned on moving the summer of 2013 but nothing set in stone. Tess being the older sister wasn’t too fond of the situations she was in and thought it was time for something new and maybe the possibility of her settling down nearby. Tess, also a FA, went out on a trip and happened to be flying with Dawn, Jesse’s mom. Now Dawn had a similar idea. She wasn’t keen on Jesse’s current situation and thought it would be nice for him to meet someone and settle down as well. Jesse had been working as a plumber for several years and was doing well for himself but his mom wanted more for him, with the possibility of grandchildren in the nearer future. So, if you know both Dawn and Tess you know it wasn’t too hard for them to get to talking. They soon realized, “Hey, I have a sister” and “Hey I have a son”. They decided to exchange numbers and fix us up.

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Lizzie's Proposal in Semple Mansion

Neither of us were on board at first. Blind date? Kind of a scary thought. Well semi blind, you see, Jesse got a picture of Lizzie that Tess sent to Dawn. Tess did not get a picture of Jesse, she told Lizzie, “to just trust her”…so after a couple weeks or so Tess convinced Lizzie it would be good to meet up to at least start making friends in MN, she agreed. Dawn gave Jesse Lizzie’s number. Now Jesse took his sweet time with calling, after about 2 weeks he decided to call. The phone rang and Lizzie had no idea whose number it was but for some reason decided to pick up the phone, which if you know her picking up that phone call is fairly shocking. She was in CA at the time and they agreed to plan something when she got back. After a week or two and Jesse losing hope, she came back from CA and they made plans to meet up at a coffee shop in Minneapolis.

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Lizzie and Jesse's Engagement in Semple Mansion

Jesse was miraculously on time, Lizzie was naturally 30 minutes late. As Jesse likes to say he should’ve known Lizzie’s hippie ways then, the coffee shop was meatless and had a no cell phone sign. Regardless he waited for her and they sat in that Minneapolis coffee shop for the next 4 hours, just getting to know each other. Jesse being the gentleman he is, drove Lizzie back to her sisters house and both agreed they’d like to see each other again. After dropping Lizzie off, Jesse realized she was different than any other girl he had ever met before and couldn’t wait to see her again. So he decided to make sure he would. As Lizzie got ready for bed that night she got a text from Jesse, on his way home, asking to meet up again soon. In that simple text she knew there was something special.

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how they asked

Three years after a random, successful blind date, Jesse decided he wanted to propose. On September 24, 2016, Jesse decided to pop the question. A few months prior, Jesse decided he wanted propose but just had to decide on the perfect way. He made the rounds, asked Lizzie’s parents, told his family of his plans. After which, his sister Maria, came to him and said she’d be happy if he proposed at her wedding in the fall.

It was decided. Now it was just the logistics and getting it by Lizzie. He managed to invite some of Lizzie’s family and friends to be apart of the occasion, all without Lizzie questioning any of it. After some thought and planning he decided to do it during the bouquet toss. So as Maria faked the bouquet toss, Lizzie was naturally hiding in the back not having a clue what was about to happen.

One of Maria’s bridesmaids came to the rescue and pulled Lizzie to the front for Maria to pass her the bouquet. Maria passed the bouquet and turned Lizzie around to Jesse on one knee.

After the “Yes!” we spent the next few happy and exciting minutes dancing to the only thing we’d ever planned for our wedding, our song, “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart”.

On December 29, 2017, we’ll be dancing to our song once more, but this time as a married couple.

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