Lizzie and Eric

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How We Met

The best relationships start off as friendships. I met my future husband in college at Texas Tech University and we quickly became good friends. The summer that we became friends, we spent many days playing golf out on the golf course getting to know each other and enjoy many small memories that we will never forget.

As the years went on, we stayed good friends as we continued to navigate college, relationships, and growing up. After college we went our separate ways as our life paths took us in different directions. We knew we had built a solid friendship, so when he reached out to me years later to start spending time together again, everything fell right into place! We knew that our time had come to be together and we never looked back!

how they asked

The university that we attended is a very special place for both of us, mostly because it is the place that we met. Eric and I had never been back to Lubbock since we started dating, so we decided to take a trip there to relive old memories and soak in the nostalgia.

Eric was planning a lot of the trip, and now I know why! After a wonderful dinner we took a walk through campus since it is our favorite place in Lubbock. In the middle of campus there is a memorial circle that is surrounded by fountains. As we walked up to the memorial circle, there was an awning of lights that we walked to, and that is where he got down on one knee!!

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Moments after telling his, “YES!”, 10 of our closest friends surprised us from behind the fountains of the circle. We all got to celebrate together and enjoy a fantastic weekend in one of our favorite places.

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