Lizz and Taylor

Taylor and I have dated for over 5 years and have known for most of that time that we wanted to get married. That didn’t make the proposal any less of a surprise.

On September 24th, we (family and friends) had all planned to go see a show called, Motherhood, the Musical, in continuation of little Asa’s baby shower that morning. I wasn’t exactly sure why so many friends and family were there with us, but I figured Janet Sue had just purchased a group of tickets and was inviting everyone she knew.

To keep this post from becoming a review of the musical, let’s just say it was funny. I think the mothers in the audience may have enjoyed it much more, but I did really like it.

Once the musical was over and the cast came out on the stage to take their bows, I started to gather my things to leave. Oh no…we were not done yet! The cast thanked everyone for coming and asked that the Gray Baby Shower party come up on stage. I looked at my parents and Dan (who was sitting next to us) to see if this was a serious request. For some reason, Taylor was not making eye contact with me at this point. I can remember not knowing what to do with my purse.

Should I take it with me on stage? Should I leave it by my seat? What’s going on?!

I ended up leaving it in my seat.

We got up on stage and Taylor immediately disappeared back stage.

Where did Taylor go? What’s going on?!

Taylor came back out on stage with a handheld microphone and a huge sign, facing away from me.

What does he have in his hand? What’s going on?!

The sign was facing away from me and toward the audience, who all at once let out a sweet, “Awwwwwwwwwww……” At once I knew.

I know what’s going on! Taylor is going to propose!

Taylor turned the sign around and I finally saw what it said: “Will you marry me, Lizz?”

Disclaimer: The next 10 minutes or so of this proposal are all a blur. I’m not sure what our family and friends were doing and I have no idea what the audience was doing.

He handed the sign off to…someone and got down on one knee in the middle of the stage. He got down on one knee and proposed! Oh! How my heart jumped with excitement! Taylor pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes!” although my answer wasn’t nearly as eloquent as his proposal.

There was a very loud applause from family, friends, and the audience as he grabbed me for a kiss. I remember looking at him, looking at the sign, looking at my ring, and trying to get my barring. My dad was video taping and smiling from ear to ear. My mom was crying. My brother was standing there, smiling at me. Taylor’s family was just as excited: tears, smiles, and lots of hugs! As the family exited the stage, we ended up forming into a receiving line with everyone hugging and sharing their excitement with Taylor and me.

This was a perfect proposal. I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way. Taylor told me afterwards that he always knew he’d have to propose on a stage; not to show off, but to force himself to keep it together. I loved every moment of it and was especially happy that he planned it in a way that both of our families could be there to share that moment with us. Good job, honey!

Lizz will be blogging about her and Taylor’s wedding journey here!