Lizette and Edward

How We Met

We are both from the same town in Mexico called Jalostotitlan. In this town, we celebrate what we call a Carnaval which is always days before Ash Wednesday. I went to a concert with my cousins and in front of us was a guy that kept looking back until he finally said he wanted to come sit next to me. He tried to pay off the girl next to me to make sure he sat right next to me. It was all fun and we laughed it off (he did not end up paying her). He was very funny and I thought he was so cool! They say love at first sight exists and with him I experienced such. I instantly liked him and felt we had a very strong connection. The funniest part was this guy was cousins with my very good friend, which thankfully introduced us! He told me his name and we talked the entire time at the concert. The weekend passed by and my vacation was over, I was sad because I had not talked to him anymore but I was hoping to find him on Facebook. I found him and added him and as soon as he added me we talked for hours. It was like if we knew each other for a long time. This had never happened to me before and I knew that this guy, Eddie would be in my life forever, ever since I met him

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Eddie and I planned our trip to Mexico, again to Carnaval where six years before we had met. We arrived on Saturday and everything was as usual, but he then told me to meet him at the Plaza on Sunday and to wear white. I really did not think much of it because I was convinced he would propose on our anniversary which is on March 24th. I arrived at the plaza and his cousin Robert is there and he tells me to look for Eddie. At this point, we are in the middle of the plaza and I am not getting nervous. Minutes later I see 4 groups of mariachis forming a circle around us and I turn around and Eddie is there with flowers in his hand.

The song La Venia Bendita starts playing and then our song, Hermoso Carino which is the same song he had asked me to be his girlfriend with almost five years before starts playing and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I, of course, said yes and the mariachis kept playing. Little did I know he had invited my entire family so my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, grandmother were all there. The mariachi played some songs after and it was something I knew I’d never forget.

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