Lizett and Elias

Engagement Proposal Ideas in our new home

How We Met

Elias and I met in middle school. We always had a light and playful relationship, one that blossomed in our years as part of a marching band. We were both members of our middle school colorguard (true story), I spun flag and he spun rifle. I guess it was his mad rifle skills that got me. Years passed, and we remained friends, but I never told anyone that I had a crush on him ever since middle school. He was my friend and I wanted this to be my little secret with myself. Little did I know that he felt the same… Just like that were seniors in high school talking about taking our dates to prom, and s t i l l he would tap me on the shoulder in the middle of our economics exam to lean over and whisper “Will you marry me?” Me: “No..Shh.” * 5 min later * Elias: “How about now? ” After we graduated high school we went our separate ways and attended college. I went on to pursue nursing and he became a photographer. I contacted him take photos of my family and I, the rest is history. We have been together for six and a half years.

how they asked

A few months ago Elias and I purchased our first home together. Growing up in a traditional hispanic household, it was important for my family that we follow cultural traditions and customs. One of them is waiting to move in together until we are married. Elias and I were eager to have a housewarming party to show our families where we will will form our life together one day. We planned this party for weeks. We were so excited that we even booked a taco truck and a bouncy house for us to let loose and have a good time. I had no Idea that what I thought was a housewarming party was really a secret proposal! Two of my friends did an amazing job at distracting me from the party for a bit, when I returned I saw my entire family standing behind Elias..he stood there with his hands behind his back..and my heart sank to my stomach. Then it hit me. I was walking towards my future husband, completely emotional and ecstatic. I was overwhelmed. We exchanged I love you’s and then he said “I’m gonna ask you one last time…will you marry me?” I said yes!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in our new home

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