Lizbeth and Josh

Image 4 of Lizbeth and Josh

How We Met

We met at a pivotal point in both of our lives; we were sophomores in college and it happened via Tinder. I had deleted the dating app after many failed attempts to find something real. On a whim, I re-downloaded it while I was visiting my parents in the northern suburbs for Easter weekend. Just as luck would have it, my partner lived in the city while he went to school in Chicago. A country boy from Southern Indiana, it was truly happenstance that we matched that weekend since I was heading back to school two hours away. We spent the next three months texting and talking via FaceTime every day.

The first picture of us taken during our first date after three months of lead-up.

How They Asked

2020 has proved to be one of the most challenging years for everyone. For me, it had simply been hurdle. After years of difficultly meeting graduation requirements, I was just about to complete my senior capstone semester when my father passed away suddenly. Through it all, Josh was not only my rock, but he also was a saving grace for my family. He helped with the funeral arrangements and the day of.

Image 3 of Lizbeth and Josh

On the day he proposed, it was finally the day I would be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. We spent the day with my immediate family having a small, safe celebration. When we got home after picking up some late-night dinner from our favorite restaurant around the block, Drew’s, I walked into our living room lit up by the Christmas lights and our tree. In the middle of the room, my partner proposed. He had promised my dad he would wait until I graduated from college to propose, and he kept his word. It was everything I dreamt of and more.

Image 2 of Lizbeth and Josh