Lizbeth and Daniel


How We Met

Daniel and I met in a rather unconventional way. I was new to Los Angeles and had a limited amount of acquaintances. One day I was looking through my Instagram and noticed my friends had gone out with this guy I hadn’t seen before, I checked out his profile on Instagram and began to do the dreaded “internet stalk” where I came to realize he was an extremely handsome fellow. That same week I was at a convention and Daniel comes into the stage! What are the chances!? I was too shy to approach him directly afterwards so I would make eye contact and walk past him thinking he’d take a hint and come talk to me. Nothing. He never came to talk to me and I left that convention convinced he was rude. Later I found out he had simply been too shy as well and thought I was too gorgeous to even consider trying to talk to me. *swoon* Two weeks later my cousin was visiting and I took him to a local rock climbing gym and Daniel was there! I mustered up the courage to introduce myself, accompanied by some heavy nudging from my cousin, and that’s when our friendship began. We were friends for about 9 months, and at a Dear Hunter concert in August where he asked me if I could see a serious relationship between us. I asked for some time to think about it. About two weeks later on August 20th I sat in my best friends car for almost 3 hours laying out the pros and cons. I finally decided to give love a chance when she told me, “Why are you denying yourself of happiness? Your Mr. Right is right here and he’s head over heel in love with you, do it.” So I did. We’ve been dating for a year and 9 months and it’s been the best time of our lives.

how they asked

I didn’t see it coming at all. I thought Daniel’s mother and mine had planned a surprise dinner for his new promotion. I had kept the “dinner” secret from him and never questioned it otherwise. Saturday rolled around and my best friend had invited me to get our nails done. I’m in nursing school and per school dress code we can’t have our nails painted. She insisted it was a gift to me for passing what seemed like the worst semester of my academic career. I accepted the gift since I had a “party” to get to that night. We left the salon and I changed into my dress and heels once I was home, then with my parents drove up to Palos Verdes. We turned off the road that goes to the restaurant I thought we had reservations at and my parents insisted that Daniel’s mother wanted to take photos of all of us before dinner. I was curious but never questioned it. Once I noticed we pulled up to my favorite lone tree that overlooks the cliff side I had a gut feeling something was happening other than pictures. I saw a small cloud of multi-colored balloons that paid homage to Daniel and I’s love for the movie UP and I knew. I stepped out the car to see a path laid out to the cliff side under the tree where Daniel was waiting surrounded by a circle of golden flowers. As soon as I saw this sight with our families waiting on the sidelines I lost it and started sobbing happy tears, so much happened for us to reach this moment and it was finally here. I walked over to Daniel, getting a rock in my heel in the process and having to pause to keep my balance. When I reached him my tears were gathering at my chin. I cried my way through his entire speech, he told me the story of us: how we met, fell in love, everything leading up to that perfect moment. Then he asked me with the biggest grin, “Are you ready?” I nodded with more tears rolling down my face, he knelt down to pop the question, and opened the ring box to show me the most gorgeous ring that I’ve fallen in love with more each time I look at it. I immediately kissed him out of love and excitement! Then he goes, “Well!?”, I was so excited I forgot to answer him! I nearly screamed out YES YES YES! Then we held each other while it seemed like time just stopped around us.
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