Liza and Mario

Where to Propose in Barrie, Ontario Canada

How We Met

We have known of each other for years but never interacted with one another. Our wonderful mutual friends tried to get us together for quite a while. Months later, we finally decided to listen to our friends and went out a date, we ended up clicking immediately. Within weeks, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We knew we were meant for one another and fell in love immensely. We not only fell for one another but became best friends.

Proposal Ideas Barrie, Ontario Canada

how they asked

On July 22, 2016, he asked me to be his wife. The day began as he told me that we would be going to the beach with our friends. We usually spent our weekends in the summer going to the beach so I did not expect anything of it, thought of it just as another day getting some sun. He invited two of our close friends with us and we went to a beach in Barrie, Ontario. At the beach, he asked me to go for a walk, I noticed he began to walk slowly and picks up a sign that was faced upside down in the water. The sign said “Liza, will you marry me?”

He had to ask twice because I was in complete shock and my body froze lol! I of course responded to the love of my life screaming “YES!” We spent the remaining of the day with our friends and family.

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