Liza and AJ

Proposal Ideas A meadow in the Uinta Mountains

How We Met

Our first date was on Valentine’s Day. He picked me up and opened the door to his car. On the seat was a little Valentine’s Day stuffed dog- which was perfect because I’m stufying to become a veterinarian. He took me ice skating. We spent hours skating and talking. In fact, my ankles were bleeding from skating so long, but I didn’t even notice because I was too busy laughing with him.

how they asked

That day, everything that could’ve gone wrong did. I work seven days a week, so when I woke up and AJ said I wasn’t going to work that day, I didn’t believe him. After convincing me that I had the day off of world he drove me up to the mountains and surprised me with a hot air balloon ride. However, the ominous gray clouds led to the cancellation of the air balloon ride. Then even the restaurant AJ took me to was uniquely closed for the day. However, AJ had an even better idea up his sleeve. He took me spur-of-the moment shopping for long pants and close toed boots, and next thing I knew we were riding horses through the Uinta Mountains. Then, when we stopped to check our horse’s saddles, AJ grabbed my hand and led me into the most beautiful meadow of wildflowers. He dropped his knee, and I was crying so hard that I don’t even remember what he said. But I said YES.

Proposal Ideas A meadow in the Uinta Mountains