Liz and Scott's Marriage Proposal during a Kickball Game

How we met: Scott and I met in 2012 playing kickball for the same DC league. He and two guys from his team were reffing my team’s game one day and I told my friend and teammate, Lindsey, that one of the refs was really good looking. We flirted as much as possible at the game, then got to actually talk and hang out at the league bar afterwards. After the game he and a teammate joined Lindsey and I to watch Game of Thrones, and, amidst dragons and beheadings we kissed! Kickball was already fun, but from them on it was filled with butterflies too. Now we’re on the same team literally and figuratively!

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how they asked: Honoring how we met, Scott proposed at a kickball game on the same field where we met two years ago. He got the opposing team, and even the whole league, in on it. At my second “at bat” the opposing team let me kick a homerun by fumbling the ball. Teammates of mine yelled and waved at me to run home and in the commotion I didn’t question it, I just ran the bases as directed. As I rounded third, Scott was on one knee on home plate with a gorgeous ring. I didn’t quite process what was happening and ran right pass him before stopping and realizing he was proposing. Once I said yes a group of my best friends jumped out from behind the fence abutting the field. It was like that moment at the end of Wizard of Oz: “And you were there! And you and you!” I couldn’t believe it. My parents, who’d visited from Atlanta that weekend, had stayed to see it. (Basically Scott and everyone I knew managed to pull off one helluva a secret!)

Reps from the kickball league then came out and surprised us with shirts in our team color that said “She said Yes!” and “I said Yes!” When we went to the league bar after the game (which was basically called after my “homerun”) Scott had arranged for the bar managers to let our team and my friends onto the roof of the building, which we discovered has incredible views of DC. My friend (and bridesmaid!) Katie was sad she couldn’t be there but she’d had a huge poster made with a picture of Scott and I in our kickball gear that read “Congratulations Liz and Scott!” We toasted with champagne, enjoyed the view, and then had an impromptu engagement party in the league bar!

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