Liz and James

How We Met: James and I met in college through a mutual friend at a party. When we initially met, I didn’t know how I felt about him. We ended up talking a little later on that night and instantly hit it off. He was quite the opposite of my first impression of him. James was so wonderfully kind and gentle, I felt as if I could tell him anything. I remember our conversation that night as if it were yesterday.

I remember the way my cheeks hurt from how hard he had me laughing and smiling. After the party he asked me if he could walk me home, to which I delightfully agreed. When we got to my door, James asked, “Can I kiss you?” to which I replied; “You’re gonna have to try harder than that.” From that point on, we have been inseparable.

Image 1 of Liz and James

how they asked: Every year since James and I started dating, we have spent every Christmas Eve at his Grandmothers house. The very first year I attended their Christmas Eve party we somehow ended up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus to pass out presents. It has become a tradition since. However, this past Christmas Eve was different. We were just about to leave for the party, and I noticed that on the counter was a green bag. Me being nosy, I lifted the bag trying to weigh what was inside it when James had turned his back to me.

It was too light. We got to the party and said our hellos to everyone (this took a while as he has a huge family) and afterwards James told me that he needed help with the Santa Costume. We went upstairs and I helped. him with his boots and hat and he told me to go back down to announce that Santa was here to pass out presents. Not thinking, I skipped down the stairs to share Santa’s big reveal. As James called up all of the kids, he finally came upon the final present.

It was the green bag. He called for me to come up and open the present. James then asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I was so confused because I was trying to think what was inside the bag because I knew how light it was from earlier that night. After I successfully opened the bag from frantically trying to rip it open, I pulled out ring cleaner. I turned around to James down on one knee. He proposed to me in front of his entire family, including his Grandmother who had asked to be there for the proposal as it was her husbands’ diamond-a family heirloom.

Photographer: Joe Capasso