Liz and Stephen's Beautiful Brooklyn Promenade Proposal


How we met

Stephen and I met in 2009. There was so much I could tell I loved about this guy, but it was a classic case of awful timing. Stephen’s mom had just passed away, we were both looking for jobs out of college, and things were just hectic – to say the least. Fast forward to 2012. I was working as a nanny for a family in Brooklyn Heights, which happens to be Stephen’s neighborhood (born and raised!).

Some nights when I got out of work, I would stop at the grocery store before getting onto the subway and heading home. Like a scene out of a Rom-Com, there I was – looking a mess, my phone pinned between my left ear and my shoulder, too many items in one hand, digging for my wallet with the other… And there he is – standing right behind me in line. Talk about getting caught at an inconvenient time!!! Seeing Stephen that night sparked our talking again. We had our “Second-First-Date” at Heights Wine Bar, right in the neighborhood. He got merlot. I got a spicy margarita. Okay, two spicy margaritas.


how they asked

Then Hurricane Sandy hit and, a mere two months into dating, I was displaced from my Lower Manhattan apartment for a full 7 weeks. It was either move back to New Jersey with my parents…. Or stay with Stephen. Thanks to Sandy, we practically moved in together very early on, and we’ve been together ever since.

On May 2nd, 2015 I was getting ready to go to a Birthday Brunch in celebration of my best friend’s husband. She made reservations in our area… but I thought nothing of it! On the way to the restaurant, we took a detour and wound up on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, overlooking the water. Out of nowhere, I start to think Stephen’s here to break up with me. He begins babbling about how he’s heard that it’s nearly impossible to stay in love with the same one person for your whole life…. But finishes that scary statement by stating “you have to make them fall in love with you over and over again.”

… And he did. Here I was, watching an 8 minute iPhone video-montage of our favorite photos, songs and memories. I knew it was coming. He got down on one knee, a hidden photographer captured it all (including my sobs) and before you know it we were in a car on our way to New Jersey to “surprise” our families – who, of course, were already waiting with balloons and tissues! The man thinks of everything!!!

Romantic Marriage Proposal (2)

Romantic Marriage Proposal (1)

Romantic Marriage Proposal (3)

A few weeks later we celebrated our milestone by taking photos – which I think really capture our playful, city-chic essence. I hope to share our story on one of my favorite wedding sites!


Special Thanks

Corinne Louie
Engagement Photographer
Sweetpea & Buttercup Boutique
Tulle Skirt Designer