Liz and Ryan

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How We Met

My senior year of college, I was hanging out with my “Big” for her birthday. She had a close friend, Ryan, who had already graduated who came up for the weekend to celebrate. Over the year of knowing her, I somehow managed to never meet her friend, but over the weekend we really hit it off. We had a lot in common and ended up being inseparable after that weekend. Ryan ended up moving back to the area and got me a serving job at a nearby restaurant since he had known the owner and worked for him for 5 years while in college.

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Ryan ended up rolling sushi there while I served there. After I graduated, he was offered a position as the General Manager of one of their other restaurants in a city we had never been to. I was offered a position as a Front of House Manager and we were given the offer to live in the apartments above the restaurant. He was technically my boss so I would always joke with him asking “When do I get a promotion? Ya know, from girlfriend to fiance?” He would always roll his eyes and it just became a running joke between us.

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how they asked

We went to Myrtle Beach for the week with his family for vacation for 4th of July and stayed in a beach house together. One of his sisters wanted me to take pictures of her and her baby and do some family 4th of July pictures and I was more than thrilled. I did not expect to really be in pictures too much, so I was just wearing some simple, comfortable 4th of July tank top and shorts. When I saw him he said “Is that what you’re wearing?” Which I should have read into a bit more, but not thinking I go “Is there something wrong with my outfit?” He of course goes “Nope. Just asking.” His sister shushes him (which I again, should have read into but I’m still completely oblivious). When we walked outside, the humidity was so bad that it fogged up my camera lens to the point that I couldn’t get it off. Every time I tried it just fogged up worse. I was so sad because I had been really looking forward to these pictures.

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Finally after about half an hour the camera was good to go and we walked down to the beach. I snapped some gorgeous sunset pictures of his sister and her baby and she offered to take some pictures of Ryan and me as well. I set up the camera and handed it to her and went and smiled next to Ryan. She asked me to come check the pictures and I did…and notice Ryan looked incredibly uncomfortable in all of them and wasn’t smiling. I knew Ryan wasn’t the biggest fan of pictures but usually just flashes a smile and gets it over with. So I come back and poke fun at him and ask if he was planning on smiling for any of the pictures. At this point he just goes “Soooo uhhh…” My heart started beating faster. No way. There is no way this is happening.

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I look over to see his mother tearing up and his other sister and brother and law with their phones out. “I was wondering if you wanted a promotion. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” As he pulled the ring out and got down on one knee in the sand. I wish my reaction had been as graceful as most are, but I just kept saying “WHAT??” over and over about 30 times. Whenever I asked him about marriage he always said he “didn’t know yet” and “needed more time” to throw me off the trail so I was in complete shock in this moment….and the next 10 minutes that followed. I of course said yes and cannot believe how lucky I am to get to spend the rest of my life with him!

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