Liz and Phil

How We Met

Phil and I have known each other since we were 11 years old. We went to middle school, high school, and college together. Starting out as only acquaintances, we knew we were going to the same college. He was the only person I knew there, so we became fast friends. After a long time of hanging out pretty much every day, we became best friends!

Naturally, we fell in love. Becoming friends first really solidified our relationship into something that will last forever. 7 years later, we have grown up so much and our love has grown even deeper. Still best friends, partners in crime (we watch way too many of those shows), and happy as ever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My parents backyard!

how they asked

Phil is truly my best friend. He’s usually very quiet but chose to propose in such a special way with my whole family. On Memorial Day of 2017, also my sister’s 15th birthday, my family was over at my parent’s house for the holiday. As part of the celebration, my sister created an intricate scavenger hunt for everyone to do. She had the whole family unwrap presents with oven mitts on, move skittles into cups using only a straw, guess what candy we were eating while blindfolded, and pop balloons without our hands in the backyard treehouse. The family was split into teams and, naturally, Phil and I were ready to kick everyone’s behind. We unwrapped the presents in record time, we were the only team not to cheat moving the skittles with the straw, and I guessed the candy without a problem. Little did I know that a surprise was waiting for me in the treehouse. I don’t like the sound of popping balloons, so I chose to stand outside the treehouse while I made Phil pop the balloons. “Wait for me!” he said. “I’m not going anywhere,” I replied waiting patiently.

Liz and Phil's Engagement in My parents backyard!

After I heard the last balloon pop, I looked down at my sister who was filming the whole scavenger hunt and asked her what activity was next. The next thing I hear is, “I love you!” As I look to my left my handsome fiancé is down on one knee. Before he can utter a word, all I can say is, “Are you kidding me?!” After he pops the question and a few too many seconds, I finally say YES!! My parents came out of the house thinking they won the scavenger hunt to find me holding up the ring. Everyone was so excited and came down to the backyard and joined in a group hug. Little did I know, Phil had asked my family 2 weeks before for permission to propose. He then spent the next two weeks secretly texting my sister to set up the scavenger hunt! It was a wonderful day to remember, in which my whole family was involved, and I am so happy to say that Phil and I will be married on November 23, 2018.

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