Liz and Paul

Liz's Proposal in In my hometown, El Paso, TX, at my aunts backyard in front of both our families.

How They Asked

This past Christmas Eve, 12/24/2019, I flew back to my hometown, El Paso, TX, to spend Christmas with my family. I currently live in Houston with Paul. Paul had flown back to his hometown, South Sioux City, Nebraska on the 23rd.

Liz and Paul's Engagement in In my hometown, El Paso, TX, at my aunts backyard in front of both our families.

I was sad we were going to be spending Christmas apart this time around but excited to see my grandparents, parents, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and my niece & nephew. Very exciting Christmas since my entire family was reunited finally. For Christmas Eve my family and I were gathering at my aunt’s house and of course, I was running late.

I finally get to my aunt’s house and as expected my entire family was gathered in the living room. As I am saying hi to everyone, my cousin passes me her phone and tells me Paul is calling me. He called to wish me a Merry Christmas since he knew I was going to be busy enjoying time with my family.

Proposal Ideas In my hometown, El Paso, TX, at my aunts backyard in front of both our families.

Then he tells me that since he was missing out on Christmas with me and my family that he had a surprise for me and to walk out to my aunt’s backyard. Well to my surprise my aunt’s patio is so beautifully decorated that it looks like something out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! Paul tells me that he wanted to do something special for me and my family. I’m still thinking he’s in Nebraska and I have the sweetest boyfriend on the planet.

We say goodbye and I love you and hang up. My family walks out and we’re all amazed by the setup! My sister tells me to step into the patio so she can take a picture of me in it. As I’m posing for a picture, I hear a very familiar tune start playing on the speaker outside. It’s the theme song from the hit show ‘This is Us’. (Which is mine & Paul’s weekly show.) I look up and then notice Paul walking towards me and I’m in shock!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In my hometown, El Paso, TX, at my aunts backyard in front of both our families.

It now feels like I’m in a dream. We hug and he grabs my hands and starts telling me how this past year has been the best year of his life and that’s all because of me and Teddy (my fur baby). He tells me how much he loves me and wherever WE are together, whether it’s Houston, El Paso, or Nebraska, it’s home.

He then gets down on one knee and asks the question I’ve been dreaming of hearing since I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. “Will you marry me?”. I barely glanced at the ring before immediately saying “ YES!” Our families cheered and congratulated us. That’s when I noticed Paul’s parents were also there! Paul and his parents flew to El Paso the 23rd to meet with my parents. I seriously had no clue and thought Paul was enjoying time with his family in Nebraska this whole time. Both families were in on this amazing, beautiful surprise.

Paul knows how much my entire family means to me and it touched my heart so much knowing that he made sure he asked me to marry him in front of the people that mean the most to us. Christmas Eve and the rest of the trip was very memorable, to say the least. I can’t believe we’re ENGAGED!!

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 | They decorated the beautiful setup for the proposal.