Liz and Patrick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kiawah Island

How We Met

We met on a blind date when we were both living in Los Angeles, a blind date that I almost didn’t show up to (I have never been on a blind date and I was beyond nervous) . Before we met, Patrick took a job offer in San Diego. We spent two months together and decided to commit to a long distance relationship. After a year of driving back and forth from San Diego and Santa Monica every weekend, we moved together to Chicago and now are living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thankfully we both showed up on our first and last blind date!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kiawah Island

how they asked

It was after work on a random Friday in February. Patrick tells me to pack 2 bags … one for cold weather, one for warm weather. I didn’t think anything of it, he likes to surprise me randomly with romantic gestures every now and again. I pack 2 bags and we go to sleep. He wakes me up the next morning at 7am and we get on the road, unsure of where we are heading. We drive past Charlotte airport so I know we aren’t flying anywhere. He takes me to The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island, one of our favorite spots. We spent the day walking the beach, biking around, taking photos with our new camera. All along the camera bag never leaves his side, I now know why! I’m taking a photo on a bridge over one of the marshes. When I turn around, Patrick is on one knee asking me to marry him. We are so excited to be getting married in the same place we got engaged.

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