Liz and Matt's Proposal in Iceland

Image 1 of Liz and Matt's Proposal in IcelandHow We Met: Matt and I met at my best friend Becky’s ugly sweater party in December 2009. Several days later we got in touch and went for a coffee date; we spoke for hours. That winter break I went home and told all my friends I was going to marry this guy . They all thought I was crazy. We continued to dated through the rest of college till we graduated in 2011. After college I moved home and got a job as a registered nurse. Matt moved down to Brooklyn shorty after to pursue a career as a production designer for film and television. We both have had great success in our career thus far.

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how they asked: It has now been 5 years, we live together with our fur baby in Brooklyn pursuing our careers and traveling whenever we can. This past Christmas I surprised him with a trip to Iceland. We only had 6 days so we did the southern portion of the ring road. As the days got closer, I began to speculate a proposal may be in the works but, I didn’t bother him and I didn’t mention it to anyone. I didn’t want to get my hopes up like I had done in the past. My best friend, Becky, Matt and I left for Iceland March 12.

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We landed on another planet, well at least that is what it seemed like. The views were picturesque. There would be snow capped mountains, green mossy lava fields, and some of the biggest glaciers in the world. We all fell in love with Iceland.

On my birthday we drove around the golden circle. We saw geysers, beautiful landscape and a mind blowing waterfall known as Gulfoss. I thought this was it. He hadn’t given me a birthday present yet, which was so not like him. We got to the waterfall and I worked my self up in my head. Becky started taking pictures of us, we took in the scenery and then we left… That was when I began to sulk. I got my hopes again. We got back to the hotel and Matt asked if I wanted my birthday present. He handed me an unwrapped harmonica. I tried to act excited but I was clearly upset.

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The next day we continued our drive out east to Vik. The weather was horrible so we stayed in that night. The next morning the rain and wind had stopped and we explored the area. We drove to Skogafoss, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by mountains. There are no railings around the waterfall so you can walk right up to it if you wanted to. There was no other tourist around, we had the place to ourselves. We started taking pictures when Matt turned to me and told me to take a silly picture, so we proceeded to do so.

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Afterwards he said “Ok, now a serious one” at that point he got down on his knee and shakily pulled the ring from his coat pocket. I was so thrown off it took me a second to realize what was going on. After the initial excitement Matt goes to me “would you like part two?” I was confused, what more can there be? Matt then told me that he booked the Sagamore in Lake George on the weekend we had wanted. That is when i began to cry, he went above and beyond. The venue I had always wanted to get married at wasn’t a dream anymore it was a reality.

I am so happy to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and travel buddy.

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