Liz and Luke

Image 1 of Liz and Luke

How We Met

We met at Purdue University while working as resident assistants in one of the freshman residence halls. Nothing quite like cleaning up vomit and writing kids up to bring two people together!

How They Asked

We were long distance for the last year of our relationship before getting engaged, which was very hard. We met back up at Purdue for our two-year anniversary, because Purdue was the backdrop of a lot of our story! We were happy to visit all of our old spots an reminisce for a bit. There is a superstition at Purdue that if you kiss under the belltower in the center of campus that you are destined to get married. At graduation a little over a year earlier, I had Luke kiss me under the bell tower to seal the deal! When we were there for our anniversary, we walked to the Bell Tower and while we were under it, Luke proposed. I now believe in superstitions!