Liz and JJ

How We Met: JJ & I met on New Year’s Eve 2011. I had gone out with two of my girlfriends, and he with two of his guys. I saw him immediately when I walked into the bar. It was love at first sight! We talked (and kissed) all night, and were inseparable after that. Even though we’ve had to be long distance for much of our relationship since he was in school for his doctorate, it’s been the best 3 years of my life, and I am moving to be with him permanently this summer!

how they asked: We had talked about getting engaged before I moved to Delaware, so I knew it would be happening before the summer, but since I wanted it to be a total surprise, I didn’t know when he would do it. We had been planning our Disney vacation for months, and since we already had to cancel our first attempt at it, we were very anxious to finally have a vacation just the two of us. All my friends thought it would for SURE happen in Disney, but JJ had convinced me it would not, since he thought that’s what I and everyone else would be expecting (I’m a Disney fanatic). The first night there were having our picture taken in the rose garden in front of the castle. Two clicks and the photographer said we were all set, so I went to walk away when I hear JJ behind me say “do you have time for one more?” When I turned around to ask him what he was doing, he was reaching into his pocket and getting down on a knee. “What do you say, Elizabeth Caitlin Ellis, will you marry me??” I was in such shock I think I screamed a lot, said “what!?!?” about 1000 times, but finally said “YES!!!!” Everyone around us applauded and cheered. There was even a man in the crowd who told us he was a pastor, and if we wanted to get this done right now we could! Haha it was absolutely PERFECT. I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better. The pictures say it all!

Image 1 of Liz and JJ