Liz and Erik

Image 1 of Liz and Erik

How We Met

We met September 2014. Erik was living in Washington, DC as an Active Duty Registered Nurse in the ER. I was living in Annapolis, MD moving to DC a few weeks later working as an Event Manager for a non-profit healthcare organization. After 3 weeks of back and forth texting (I was traveling for work around the US and he worked night shifts at the hospital), I asked him “so are you going to take me out on a date or what?”.

Our first date was at one of my favorite tapas restaurants in Annapolis where our date lasted nearly 3 hours. We were both had really busy lifestyle juggling friends, family, and work schedules but continued to have dinner dates when our schedules permitted as friends. Each date we found ourselves talking longer and more in-depth about anything and everything.

One year later, I had a terrible case of strep throat and had asked him jokingly to come take care of me. And he did! It was at that time we decided to really give the relationship the time and attention we both thought it deserved. Our love grew stronger as we explored DC together and travel around the US.

Mid 2016, Erik revealed that the Army was moving him to Germany, we agreed to keep our relationship growing and see where God would put us. We decided that we no longer wanted to be apart, so we packed my apartment up and I moved January 2018 to Germany with Erik for our biggest adventure!

how they asked

It had been a dream of mine to visit Paris. So we decided to book a trip mid-February. Erik had been sneaky with phone calls over the past few weeks, but I didn’t think much of it. The night before we left for Paris. Erik asked me to pack something nice to wear. Of course, I freaked out (as any woman may do) thinking “well what am I getting dressed for?” and insert 10 more questions. I insisted we go shopping the next day. I couldn’t find anything I liked and Erik kept saying “Do you want me to just tell you what I have planned tomorrow?” I said, “no, I want it to be a surprise, just tell me if this green dress will look good for it”. I woke up early to get ready since we needed to leave our hotel by 7:30 am.

Image 2 of Liz and Erik

We grabbed an Uber that looped around the city as the sun was rising. We finally stopped just outside of the Eiffel tower and met Stephanie. Erik planned a surprise Paris photoshoot!!! It was freezing out but I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing that Erik had all of this planned out. As we set up for our next set of shots, Stephanie asked us to turn around and write down one of our favorite memories as a couple. I wrote down “Moving to Germany”. As I turned around to show Erik, he was down on one knee with his sign that said: “Will you marry me?”. I ran over to hug and kiss him as I shouted YES!

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