Liz and Conrad

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How We Met

We met in a very random way. It was the day after Conrad’s birthday back in March of 2017. I had been having a quiet day at home when I saw I had a message request on Instagram. A guy by the name of Conrad messaged me and said that he had seen my tinder profile (We both had made tinders out of sheer bordom but never used them) with an Instagram link, and that’s how he found me. He was very intriguing, and I was very curious about him. We talked for three days before we decided to meet at the beach. We were so nervous to meet eachother! I ended up ditching a college class early to go meet him because the suspense was killing me! We were going to wait till St. Patrick’s day, which was six days away at the time, but we just couldn’t wait that long! It was love at first sight. We fell head over heels for each other. We made it official after not even three weeks of dating. And the rest is history. He got me the ring at two months, then proposed at four months! All of our family and friends have agreed that we were made for each other, and that’s got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Having a loving man and all your family and friends supporting the both of you is a huge blessing. We are ready for life together and share the adventure we all call life.

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how they asked

We went to Fairview Nature Reserve to take pictures because we looked great and we were going out that evening to the OC Fair. Conrad had boughten me my favorite slushee from Sonic Burger and we headed over to the park. We took picture after picture where he had asked me to be his girlfriend. We were on a balcony staircase over looking a beautiful valley of greenery and blue sky’s with a misty golden glow. The scenery was straight out of a fairytale. He had asked me to be his girlfriend under the stars there only a few short months before.

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All of a sudden he gave me a big smile and slowly got down on one knee and asked “uhhh Liz? Will you marry me???” I was so shocked! I was so lost for words so I just started sobbing my head off. I knew I should have worn water proof that day! I said yes and it’s the best yes I’ve ever said! We’re living happily ever after now and our wedding is only a few short months away! We’re grateful for all the love and support from our friends and family and we are beyond thrilled to start our lives together as husband and wife??

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