Liz and Colin

How We Met

I met Colin on Saturday, June 22, 2013, at John Barleycorn Bar in Lincoln Park Chicago. Colin was in Chicago visiting his friend Brandon Fowler and I was out with my friend Barbara and roommate at the time Rana. Rana decided to talk to Colin’s group of friends and I followed because they had empty chairs at their table. These were the days that I wore heels any time I went out and I needed a seat. Somehow the conversation went from Colin telling me he loved Chicago and me saying he was crazy and that New York was amazing (having only been once at that time). Colin, Rana and I took a picture together and that’s how phone numbers were exchanged. Sly Sly Colin.

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He also added me on Facebook that night (yes I thought it was too soon.) We texted for a week and then it fizzled out. For the next few months, Colin added me on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram and me thinking, I barely know this guy! In May 2014, I texted Colin questioning how he’s always traveling. Since that day we have not gone a day without talking. Colin visited Chicago that December and then in January 2015 we were official. Colin flew to Chicago almost every 2 weeks to visit me and she went to New York a few times (I wanted to go to NY more but Colin just loved Chicago too much!) It was a full year of long distance and then Colin decided to move to Chicago in January 2016 and found a great job. The next few years were full of fun and travels.

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We were in Krakow, Poland on vacation a few weeks ago and it was our second day there. He did it a couple hours before we were going to drive down to Zakopane area to see my family and parents. (My whole dad’s side lives in Poland still.) It was me, Colin (my fiance, ah) my brother, Martin and his girlfriend, Angela. We were walking around Krakow and Angela said that Rick Steves wrote about this park in Krakow that she wanted to see. We went to it and were walking around and there was a section with a little bridge and some water and Angela said she wanted to take a photo there with Martin. I took a photo for them, thinking nothing, and then it was our turn.

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I swooped back my hair and turned towards Colin and he was on his knee. I was SO surprised. Our next leg of our trip was Positano, Italy and we took our engagement photos there! Taken by Angela on my camera :)

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