Liz and Brian

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How We Met

Rewind back to April 22nd, 2017 – it was a fateful day at good ole’ Hair of the Dog in NYC. For those of you who know, well… you know. For those of you who don’t, Hair of the Dog isn’t exactly the place you’d expect to meet ‘the one,’ but here we are. My friend Victoria and I were at brunch that morning when her friend Cody invited us to meet up with the guys and their friend, Brian, who was back home visiting (meanwhile he lived across the country, in San Diego). We weren’t totally in the mood for a dive-y college sports bar as our Saturday stakeout, however, after some deliberation and a few mimosas, we were in.

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When Brian and I met, we hit it off immediately – not sure if it was his hilarious demeanor, his cool Cali style, or my horrible pickup line, but… when you know, you know. We hung out the entire weekend and had the best time. Sunday night before he left the city to head back to his family’s house in New Jersey, he asked if he could come back the next night to take me on our first ‘official date’. Well, Monday rolls around and I hadn’t texted him for most of the day (obviously trying not to come off too clingy), which led him to almost back out. He sent me a text saying how great it was getting to know me… and I was like what?! No, we have a date tonight, remember? An hour later we were throwing back tequila shots and fries at the bar under my apartment and laughed the night away… until we said goodbye, as he was leaving to go back to California the next day.

We called, texted, and FaceTime’d nonstop from the moment he left. Unknowing what was to come given we lived cross-country, within a few days he was begging me to visit him in California. Summer was just around the corner and most of my weekends were already planned out, so I told him I could either come the following weekend, or 5 weeks from now. We all knew 5 weeks from now could potentially be pretty awkward if things tapered off, so next weekend it was. The day I landed, things (thankfully) picked up right where they left off and exceeded both of our expectations beyond belief. Three trips to San Diego, loads of laughs and tears later, he had booked a one-way flight back to the east coast 😊 and the rest is history…

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How They Asked

Fast forward to Christmas morning this past year – Brian’s big surprise to me was a trip to Paris next fall! I was beyond thrilled. Well, March rolls around, and insert the global pandemic. A few months into quarantining at my family’s lake house in North Georgia, we faced the fact that Paris wasn’t in our cards anymore this year. Little did I know, of course, that threw a bit of a wrench into Brian’s plans… but he was quick to adapt. With both of us working remotely until 2021, we began to brainstorm where we could safely travel and spend a few weeks later in the summer. He suggested San Diego, which was a no brainer – I hadn’t been back since the summer we met, we had friends quarantining on the west coast, and could spend our downtime at the beach.

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This brings us to August 7th, 2020. We were staying with Victoria’s family and when we arrived, she told us that the only plans they had were dinner with family friends that Friday night, but we could all meet up after. Brian suggested we have a date night with drinks on the beach, then find a spot to grab dinner (casual yet strategic – he knew I’d dress up if he called it ‘date night’). Friday evening, Brian and I walked over to Windansea Beach in La Jolla, where he told me he had a good spot in mind to catch the sunset. He led the way, and suddenly we saw the most beautiful white bohemian picnic set up at the end of the beach. Brian immediately got emotional when he saw it, which made me realize it was for us… and what was happening. We sat down, laughed, and cried, then the LONGEST 10 minutes later, he finally popped the question (both kind of blacked out here but of course I said YES). When I saw the ring was the one that had belonged to my late grandmother, BeeBee (the ring I had always dreamed to wear one day), it dawned on me that this was all part of a WAY bigger plan – he had asked my dad, my mom had given him the ring, and so on and so forth.

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Two of his friends who are photographers were hiding taking photos, then once I said yes (and could finally breathe), we took some shots by the water. As the sun was setting, they suggested we take a few more photos by this hut just down the beach. We began to make our way over when suddenly I heard tons of cheering from familiar voices. I looked up only to see a group of our best friends waiting with champagne by a bonfire – flooded with tears (again), we had the best time celebrating the night away with some of our favorite people! I soon realized that this meant that not only my parents but pretty much everyone in our circle had been keeping this huge secret for MONTHS. It was the absolute best surprise weekend I could have ever asked for!

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Special Thanks

Chris Aversa
 | Photographer
Jordan Dominguez
 | Photographer