Liz and Alessio

How We Met: We met floating down the Chattahoochee River three summers ago. We have tons of mutual friends and we were invited to join as part of a big group to “Shoot the Hooch”. Our rafts were tied together and 4 hours later we had completely hit it off. He even stole my hat so he’d have to see me again. Fast forward a few months and a few botched attempts to meet up, at our friend’s going away party. We reconnected, sparks flew, and the next week we had our first official date.

First Time Out

how they asked: We had been planning a trip to Paris for 6 months. As the departure date crept closer the more hopeful I was it would happen there. Paris is my dream city, you see. The trip was finally here and the excitement and nerves were building. Fortunately we hit some speed bumps (including lost luggage) which completely took my mind off the possible engagement. The morning after our suitcase arrived, he suggest grabbing some croissants, fresh fruit, and champagne to celebrate our luggage arriving.

River Shoes

We walked down to the Seine River on the Il de la Cite where we were staying, which had become our favorite spot to sit (since we couldn’t do much else in sweats and sweaters while waiting for our luggage to be returned). There was a massive willow tree right at the tip of the island and that seemed to be the perfect spot. He’s really into photography so he set up his tripod and fancy camera which was capturing the beautiful view in front of us.

He told me he had a present, and whipped out a medium sized white box. I opened with anticipation hoping for a ring, and instead I found a beautifully chronicled photo array of our entire relationship with quotes on love, life, and friendship on the back. The last card said “To Be Continued…For the Rest of our Lives.”

To Be Continued

The ugly cry face was in full effect. After what seemed like an eternity (when in fact it was probably 45 seconds as he was waiting for the tourists to snap a pic of our gorgeous view and move on), he pulled out the ring from his pocket and handed it to me.


I’m not sure what was said, or what he looked like because there were so many happy tears in my eyes. What followed, in no particular order: tears, kisses, and champagne. What was amazing is he had been snapping pictures the entire time because his phone and camera on the tripod were synced, so we have these amazing candid photos to look back on. And make fun of…my ugly cry face is world renowned.