Listya and Christopher

How We Met

It was the sophomore year of high school when I first met Chris. He had just transferred, and we had three classes together (that we both struggled through – myself more than him). I always thought he wore cool pants, and he was nice to me when I didn’t understand redox reactions in my chemistry class (thanks for helping me, Chris!).

Listya and Christopher's Engagement in Machu Picchu

We kept having classes together junior and senior year of high school, but it wasn’t until senior year where we actually became friends, not just classmates. He always helped me with my AP Calculus homework and invited me to his study group sessions because I just wasn’t understanding derivatives. I never really brought lunch either so he was kind enough to give me some of his snacks to eat.

Where to Propose in Machu Picchu

After high school ended, I got my first big girl job – a Deli Clerk at Kroger! I didn’t have a license, so I walked to work five days a week. One day, he saw me walking and offered to drive me to work and drive me home. He did that for the rest of the summer, and we ended up hanging out a lot after I was done working. I eventually learned he liked me, and one day, he asked me to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I knew he was asking me out on a date, but I was like, “Nah dude, we can go but just as friends. Two friends taking a casual non-romantic stroll through these beautiful gardens.” I don’t know why I was in denial because I totally liked him too. Luckily, we both went to college together, and barely a month after college started, I finally agreed to make it official.

How They Asked

After our college graduation, we decided to go on a big trip to celebrate. We were traveling throughout Peru with two of our closest friends. At the end of our trip, we went to Machu Picchu. We were all huffing and puffing, trying to get to the top to see the incredible views. The high altitude and surprisingly hot day didn’t really help make that an easy hike. Once we finally reached the top, I wanted to grab a photo of us together in front of such a beautiful view. I was getting ready to pose for a photo when he turned and faced me. He was visibly shaking, and I thought he had altitude sickness and was about to pass out or throw up.

However, he started talking about our relationship, everything we’ve been through together, and what he loved about us. I finally figured out what was happening, but I was in shock so I started crying then laughing then smiling so big that my cheeks hurt. I honestly couldn’t believe it was actually happening and at Machu Picchu! Obviously, I said yes, and we’re both counting down the days until our wedding!

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