Lissa and Jonathan

How We Met

We met at a concert and I asked him to dance, and he said “No Thanks.” He was the first guy to ever turn me down, I knew I had to ask him for his number… the rest was history.

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How They Asked

5 years later on New Years I let Steele know that I want us to be more spontaneous, mind you, we go to bed at 8 pm on weekends, so that was a stretch. Little did I know this guy had something planned for our 5 yr anniversary. He asked what I wanted to do and I said “let’s go to Temecula!”; the only catch he said was he was waiting for a call because of the rain (what did he have planned?) The morning of, he gets a call and says, “Alright, we are good to go!” We rush over and stopped at the first winery we visited 2 years ago for our 3 yr anniversary. While we’re there, he gets a text that someone is there to pick us up. We wait in the parking lot and a motorcycle with a double German sidecar drives up and I jokingly say, “you got us a sidecar?! Sweet!” He looks at me and says, “YUP.” It was rad!

We did a sidecar wine tour!!! We rode through wine country and drank and talked about our five amazing years together while our guide from SoCalSidecar sent him pictures of the spots around the area.

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At one winery, I accidentally spilled a glass of wine, I think at that point he knew he was crunched on time…. we stop by this lake and Steele says, “Look at that cloud! It’s HUGE!” I turn around and as I turn back, there was the moment I’ve waited for. The rest of the ride was smooth sailing, as I cried literally for 3 hours straight that is(from happiness)I love this man, hes just simply my person.

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