Lisa and Jason | Eiffel Tower Surprise Proposal

How We Met: We met in primary school! We were at the same school for half a year before I changed schools, then we didn’t met again until we were 18 thanks to some mutual friends.  We became friends at first then it developed into a mutual attraction…fast forward 7 years and we’re engaged!7.7.07 (118)

how they asked: In April I went on a trip to Paris to see my best friend who was living there at the time, my boyfriend stayed at home as he couldn’t get the time off work. One fine Parisian morning we decided to visit the Eiffel Tower, we waited in line, and rode the elevator to the top where we took in the sweeping views before heading back down to the second level. My friend’s phone suddenly rang, she answered it and then handed it to me…it was my boyfriend! He told me that I’d left something at home and told me to look down. I almost fainted as I realised that the tiny speck on the ground was him! As I was watching, a white sign unfurled with the words “You Wanna Get Married?” I’m sure no one had ever wanted to get off the Eiffel Tower so fast! The queue for the elevator seemed to take forever, but finally I was out and running along the ground towards my fiancé, who was waiting on bended knee. It turns out everyone was in on the surprise, and were all staying awake back in Australia waiting for the call!

Two of the best things about it were getting to spend a week in Paris with my best friend and my fiancé afterwards, and that the Eiffel Tower will always be “our place”, whenever I see it in a movie or on TV it reminds me of how special and wonderful my fiancé is!

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