Lisa and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met in 2015 through our mutual friend, Julia! Sean had just started working for his current company in Virginia, and being new to the area, Julia invited him to various events our friend group attended in DC. The first time we met was quite brief, just a quick introduction at a Drink the District (beer & wine festival)!

Halloween 2015, we were both at a party that eventually moved to a local bar in Arlington, VA, where he says I bought him a beer and we chatted a little. (I don’t recollect the beer-buying, but I distinctly remember that he was dressed as a mustard bottle!!)

It wasn’t until my birthday party the following year that we had a full conversation and got to know one another better! We began seeing one another later that year and officially began dating in early 2017!

The past three and a half years have been an amazing whirlwind! Sean travels a lot for work, so we’ve survived distance and weird schedules. I decided to go to grad school in fall 2018, and he has supported me all the way through! He’s always been my better half, cheerleader, and best friend! I am so grateful to have him!

How They Asked

Due to COVID-19, we have not been able to see our families as often (as so many others are also experiencing). As Sean’s job was picking back up, we decided to make a trip to Florida to visit his family and quarantine with them for over a week. We left Maryland after rush hour on Wednesday evening and made it to his family’s house early Thursday morning! The drive was super fun; we listened to throwbacks and chatted about how excited we were to see his parents, sister, and brother-in-law!

After quick naps, Sean got up to start teleworking. The vibe that day felt a little off, but I attributed it to my sleepiness and everyone settling in. I worked on school stuff and chatted with his family.

The day before we left, I told him I had a group assignment for grad school and would need to meet with my classmates. Flustered, he told me that his parents were planning on having a party that evening and asked if I could move the meeting. I thought they might be planning a surprise graduation party, so I messaged the group to let them know I couldn’t attend (and why). As we’re all friends, I also whined that “I thought he was FINALLY going to propose!”

Little did I know…

To make a long story very short, he convinced me to go to his favorite beach that evening. I have been wary of public outings due to COVID (I have immunocompromised family members), but he told me that his sister and brother-in-law wanted to grab pictures of the beach and it would be something to do. We were then going to pick up dinner from our favorite Mexican restaurant, Salsas! I cannot stress enough how reluctant I was to go, especially since Sean had further downplayed this “party” an hour or so beforehand!

We got to the beach and were walking around; Sean walked off towards the water, so I followed. I told him I was glad we came; it was so quiet, not a person’s in sight, and the view after the rain was lovely.

He put his arm around me, told me how much he loved me, and I honestly blacked out in space and time after that! The next thing I knew he was on one knee asking me to be his wife!!! I turned around, and my future sister-in-law was cheering and had been taking photos!! I hadn’t even noticed it!

I was so thrilled, and shocked, I am honestly STILL processing it to this day! The ring is GORGEOUS, and the ensuing celebrations were just perfect. We came back to champagne, balloons, and a gorgeous wooden sign my future sister-in-law made by hand. I got that party after all!!

We are so excited to announce our engagement and begin our lives together!