Lisa and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met in September 2015 at a bluegrass show at a bar in Asbury Park Nj. We hit it off and immediately started spending every night together. We were both living in situations with no privacy and ended up deciding to move in together after a few months. (We knew this was super fast but we were in love and it felt right) we. Things after moving in together got chaotic – we were both partying and just spending too much time living a life we weren’t proud of. Around this time my dad’s kidney failed and he was put on dialysis.

Lisa's Proposal in Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

Lisa and Sam's Engagement in Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

I was scared and terrified (I already lost my mom to Breast cancer in 2004) so losing another parent was too unbearable. I decided to donate my kidney to my father. Sam was a huge support every step of the way and slept on an uncomfortable hospital chair every night to be right next to me. His mom let me stay in her luxurious bedroom for a few weeks while I recovered. The surgery was a success and my father is now in great health! It was a miracle! My twin sister got married last year and my dad was able to walk her down the aisle. I am so happy every day that I was able to give such a precious gift to my dad.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

After the surgery, we realized how important our lives are. We both decided after a few years of living unhealthily and going out drinking too much to clean up and become healthier. We started working out and doing hikes every weekend. Sam got clean off of all drugs and alcohol which was a huge step and has been a big driving factor behind everything I do- he’s the strongest person I know.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

We both love nature and the outdoors and spend every weekend driving Hours at a time to get to awesome hikes in NY state and Vermont. We also adopted two sweet cats over the years together and they are opposites ( but we joke they each have one of our personalities. We get to spend a lot of time together due to our jobs (Sam is a sheet metal worker and I work from home).

Proposal Ideas Cascade Mountain- Adirondacks NY- Keene Valley

How They Asked

For Sam’s 31st birthday I rented us a romantic cabin in the mountains of Keene Valley NY (Adirondacks) for a weekend of hiking. It was a romantic and perfect setting for a beautiful weekend and we went to get some local coffee and breakfast and then geared up for our hike.

Once we got to the top of the mountain we asked a passerby to take a picture of us on the top of the mountain. We took one picture but right after Sam said “hold on can we get one more I just need to put my backpack down “ and right as he did he got down on one knee and said “Lisa Marie Lucantoni. I have loved you since the day we met…’ and I still love you more every day. Will you marry me? “ I was so shocked I burst into tears and said of course!!!!!!!!

All of the pictures captured the live reaction to the proposal I really had no idea but luckily my face is out of view because I was crying and muddy from the hike ?.

Afterward, we spent our engagement weekend in Lake Placid and have been ecstatic to share the news ever since.