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How We Met

In the summer of 2010, Ryan and I met on our first day of orientation as summer camp counselors for the City of Pearland. Ryan’s confidence, good-naturedness, and talent for working with children immediately caught my attention. After our first meeting, I went home and searched Facebook for his account to learn more about him, and I was happy to see that he was single, though I knew it was still too early to send him a friend request. Meanwhile, Ryan had taken notice of me because I briefly mentioned during orientation that I attended an advanced release of the movie, Get Him to the Greek, which for some inexplicable reason really left an impression on him. Though we ended up being assigned to different camps and rarely saw each other, we developed a flirty, teasing relationship over the first couple weeks of summer. Eventually, Ryan let it slip to Vanessa, one of my co-counselors, that he was interested in me, and Vanessa set to work on playing matchmaker. Soon after, Ryan and I became Facebook friends and began messaging back and forth, which led to exchanging numbers and numerous all-nighters spent talking on the phone. After a week or so of nightly phone conversations, Ryan finally asked me on a first date. On Saturday, June 27th, 2010, we went to Berryhill Baja Grill for lunch then to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Despite the fact that Ryan drove around and around and around in a roundabout on the way to the museum, hit a parked car in the garage when we were leaving the museum, then took me to Bass Pro before taking me home because he needed a new fishing pole, we both had a great time and decided to make our relationship official that day. Within weeks, we had both fallen in love with one another and were certain we had found the person we would one day marry. After spending every free moment together throughout the month of July, summer quickly came to an end, and Ryan returned to his apartment at Texas A&M in College Station while I drove the 1,000+ miles back to my Notre Dame dorm in northern Indiana. Though we had only been dating for a little over a month at this point, we both decided we wanted to give the long distance thing a try. The following two years consisted of countless skype dates; surprise letters, care packages, and food deliveries; as well as flights and road trips back and forth between Texas and Indiana. Though it certainly wasn’t easy to be separated by so many miles, our commitment and love for one another never wavered. After we graduated college in 2012, Ryan and I moved in together and began the next chapter of our lives. Ryan found a job that he absolutely loves as a product design engineer and supported me as I bounced from job to job in the event/sports industry before finally finding my passion as a teacher in 2014. We have since welcomed 3 fur children into our family (and weathered the devastating loss of our first fur baby, sweet Bear), built a house, and have traveled to 11 states and 8 countries together. Of all of the adventures and chapters we have shared, we are most excited for the one to come and can’t wait to officially become husband and wife on June 8th, 2019!

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how they asked

On May 27th, 2017, after 24 hours of travel from Houston to Toronto to Athens, Ryan and I finally landed in beautiful Santorini, Greece as the first stop in our ten day, five city European vacation. We had rented an AirBnB with multi-level patios that each had breathtaking views of the water and caldera, and we were excited to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Upon arriving at the AirBnB, we quickly freshened up from our long flight, changed into nicer clothes, and headed out onto the upper patio to take pictures in front of the beautiful backdrop. Ryan, who was severely sleep deprived, jet-lagged, and not making a whole lot of sense, decided to set the camera up so that it was facing a wall instead of the scenery. I was obviously not on board with this decision, so after some mild bickering, we finally had the camera set up in the direction of the water and went to stand in place for the picture. After a few seconds of smiling for the “picture,” Ryan revealed that the camera wasn’t actually taking photographs and instead was on video mode because there was something he needed to do. He then got down on one knee, very sweetly told me how much I meant to him, and then asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, to which I, of course, gave an emphatic “YES!” I then spent every 15 minutes of the remainder of the day admiring and taking pictures of my ring as we explored Santorini. The next morning, we flew to Athens to meet Aurelie and Stephen, our friends and companions for the remainder of the trip, and were welcomed with an engagement celebration of breakfast pastries, champagne, and champagne flutes etched with “Mr. Wood” and “Mrs. Wood”. As it turned out, the only way Ryan could keep from spilling his secret proposal plans to me was by telling literally every coworker, neighbor, friend, and family member he encountered during the 2 months leading up to the trip, so everyone already knew it was coming. Somehow, our awesome loved ones managed to keep the secret, and it remained a surprise for me! Ryan and I, accompanied by our friends, spent the week following our engagement exploring Athens, Venice, Florence, and Rome before heading home to continue our celebration with local family and friends!

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