Lisa and Quinn

how we met

We first met on a work trip to Philadelphia. The timing wasn’t perfect, as Quinn was still rocking a bachelor’s mustache, and I was just getting out of a relationship. Nonetheless, we hit it off as friends and we began getting to know each other on a deeper level. The first time Quinn asked me out, I (respectfully) said no and shared with him a commitment to focusing on my faith for the next year. That didn’t stop Quinn from wanting to get to know me, and after a few months of deliberation I finally agreed to a date. I trusted that I could grow in a relationship with God, and date someone at the same time. Now… the rest is history. :)

how they asked

In October 2019 – almost exactly a year from the day Quinn first asked me out – he got down on one knee… But not before making me work for it. I got up that seemingly normal Saturday to carve pumpkins and get manicures with my roommate. I was planning a trip to the dog park that afternoon, but instead I was greeted on the return to my apartment with flowers and a love letter from Quinn: “It’s time to start getting ready! Read your first clue once you’re ready to go. Love, Q”. After a brief 10 minute hiatus to lay on the kitchen floor screaming, I set off on a scavenger hunt across Madison to all the most meaningful places to Quinn and I. I was met at each stop by a friend, a gift, and another love letter and clue. My excitement grew at each new stop, wondering when she’d finally reach Quinn. Finally, on the edge of Madison’s largest lake, Quinn was eagerly waiting with the ring. He tried his best to hold me still while asking her to be his wife, but I could barely stop jumping with joy. Finally, I screamed a “Yesss!!!” that echoed across the lake. The surprises didn’t stop there – he had also arranged both of their families to travel to Madison to celebrate, and even coordinated a photographer to secretly capture the moment. Everyone was ecstatic, and we spent the rest of the night sharing a meal and many laughs with games together.

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