Lisa and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Coney Island, Brooklyn

How We Met

It all began when my best friend moved on to his block and I had heard how “hot” this guy down the street was. It turns out a few months later, that our mutual friends began dating and we were finally introduced. He was this muscle man, blonde haired guy that literally made my knees weak. I remember finding him on myspace and requesting him immediately. We began talking on myspace here and there but never pursued meeting up unless we were with our friends. This went on for some time when finally, he asked me to go on a date. I remember it was so awkward and neither of us knew what to say, although I do remember saying “true story” after every story I told him. We continued to go on dates and to “our spot” at Caesars Bay in Brooklyn, NY. Three months into dating, we went to the movies with our friends and when it came to leaving, he finally kissed me. Not only was it our first official kiss together, our friends were honking the car horns like crazy out of excitement that it finally happened. After that kiss, our relationship really began. Late night phone calls, chatting on AIM and the constant hangouts. When the time came for us to go to college, we decided that this was something we wanted to keep going. He went away to college in Connecticut and I stayed home in Brooklyn. I visited him every chance I could and he would come home every chance he had a break. Not all times were rainbows and sunshine but we made it work because we both wanted to be with each other. Seven years later and the thought of that first kiss STILL gives me butterflies.

Lisa and Nick's Engagement in Coney Island, Brooklyn

how they asked

Nick and I have been together for seven years. Needless to say, I have been ready for the “next step” for the last two years. Although I have been ready, Nick has been in Doctorate school and wouldn’t be done for another year. Throughout the seven years, we discussed our future and marriage was definitely in the cards for us as a couple. He recently finished the second year of his three year program and I brought up the conversation of engagement with him once more. Nick assured me it would happen but right now, this time in our lives is not realistic. He is still finishing up his doctorate, I recently moved into a new apartment and started my career. Another year saving and finishing school was a much better outlook than right now. I was definitely bummed but I also understood; marriage isn’t something to be rushed and yes I wanted it, I couldn’t rush it or him. Over the summer, Nick started his clinical and told me he wanted to introduce me to his boss.

We decided to meet his boss and girlfriend in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Side note: Nick and I take numerous trips to Coney Island throughout the year, rain or shine. On August 15th, it was pouring rain when Nick texted me that we were still meeting his boss and girlfriend. Again, we went to Coney Island regardless of the weather to go to the bars and restaurants so for me, this wasn’t surprising. Nick picked me up and we were on our way. Once we got there, we parked in our usual spot and began to walk up to the boardwalk through Denos Wonder Wheel Park ramp. As we were walking, Nick was thanking me for the previous night’s dinner when we saw a friend of the family who takes pictures of Coney Island. Once again, we go there often, so seeing Jim was nothing out of the ordinary. We talked to Jim for some time when he asked to take our picture in front of the Wonder Wheel.

After he took our picture, I went to pull away where Nick grabbed my hands and it hit me. My immediate thought was utter confusion because we had JUST spoken about engagement and it wasn’t the right time! I can’t even tell you what he said to me because the moment just happened so quickly. What I do remember was Nick asking me to marry him and my immediate reaction of “YES!” Within seconds, both of our families came running out celebrating with us. For me, this proposal, this place, this plan was nothing short of perfect. I was COMPLETELY shocked since it wasn’t what we “planned” and the thought he put into this proposal was more than I could have ever wanted.

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