Lisa and Nicholas

How We Met

We first met at a friends birthday party. It was not, love at first sight. Years later we both stood up at the same friends birthday. I noticed how good he looked in a grey suit. When most eyes were on the bride, I couldn’t stop looking and thinking how great his smile was. We danced all night. Another year goes by and after numerous times saying no to him, I finally said yes to a Blackhawks game. He tricked me into thinking we were on the kiss cam. I realized I wanted to keep kissing him and 5 years later, I still want to keep kissing him.

How They Asked

It was Christmas Eve and he just finished making me hot coco. I was packing away presents to take to my family’s house. I looked over and he was down on one knee in front of our Christmas tree. He said he couldn’t wait a min longer. I ugly cried and asked if he was serious 20x before saying yes. Hours later we flew to Marco Island and I laid on the beach with my Fiancé.