Lisa and Nathan

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How We Met

You could call us high-school sweethearts, I know many people don’t think that exists anymore but I’m here to tell you we really are. We have never broken, we have always been able to put aside our differences and push past our issues. I have known my fiancée since we were juniors in high-school. We both grew up in Fort Lauderdale Florida, not too far from each other. We never went to the same high-school but we had mutual friends. We actually met through friends on MYSPACE, yes that existed way back then. We officially met in 2005, but I didn’t give him a chance until 2006. There was an end of the year (junior year of high-school) BBQ that we both went to and I thought he looked familiar. Once I got home my friends and I went on Myspace and found him so I messaged him and the rest is kind of history. We had our first date on 06.06.06 to see the movie the Omen. I still wasn’t sure about him so we were “boyfriend and girlfriend” officially until 11.09.06. Since then we have grown so much, we graduated high-school, we went to Florida State University for undergrad together and then we moved all the way to Louisville Kentucky, he went to dental school and is now a dentist and I went on and got my Masters in Healthcare Administration. Once he finished dental school we were finally able to move back to Florida. Until recently I had no idea how intertwined our pasts were. It turns out he used to be a summer camp helper at my community center in the neighborhood I grew up in, but while he was in my neighborhood working I was actually in his neighborhood at his community center taking tennis lessons with my friend. Growing up I was also a competitive gymnast, I traveled all over the country for my sport, only to find out years later that his little sister was taking tumbling classes at my gym. I lived at this gym, I was there 6 days a week at least 5 hours a day. Thinking back there is no way his younger sister and I weren’t there at the same time. When I sit back and think about it I find it’s really funny how life works out. We didn’t meet until the right time in our lives.

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how they asked

After almost 11 years of dating, from highschool sweethearts, surviving undergrad and post graduate school together, my fiancée planned this elaborate surprise vacation to Cancun Mexico. All he told me was we were going on a vacation for 6 days somewhere tropical. He didn’t tell me where we were going until we got through security at the airport and he handed me my boarding pass. He told me we were going to an exclusive all-inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico. My fiancee has never done anything like this before so I was shocked he was able to keep this from me.

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Upon landing in Cancun he had a limo waiting for us at the airport and champagne waiting for us when we checked into the hotel. After a couple hours of laying at the beach he told me he has made me a spa appointment for a mani, pedi and massage. The conceigere came and took me off to the spa where I was pampered for a couple of hours. After getting back he told me I needed to get dressed he had special plans for dinner. We walked downstairs and he took me outside to the beach to find a pergola set up for just the two of us and a private 4 course lobster dinner just for us right at sunset.

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There were candles lit on the table, my favorite wine already chilled and a pathway of pink lights leading from the resort to our table. As we were poured a glass of wine we watched the sun go down. As soon as the sun went down a resort photographer came out to take pictures. As soon as I saw him I knew what was about to happen. I turn to my fiancée as he got down on one knee and proposed. He told me the moment he met me 11 years, still young kids in high-school he knew his life had changed forever.

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It was an absolutely magical night. He planned out every magical detail from the “I love you” writing in the chocolate dessert to going back to our hotel room and finding it overflowing with roses and chilled wine. The rest of the week he had the most amazing excursions planned for us every single day. I love to do adventurous things so he had all sorts of activities planned out from zip-lining, atv-ing, snorkling, boating, going to the Mayan ruins and even cavie diving.

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It was literally the trip of a life time, I don’t know how anything else in my life will ever compare. On the way back from our trip we happened to have the same flight attendant that we had on the way there, we had bonded on the way there because her son when to the same undergrad school we went to. So we told her we had gotten engaged and she decided to make an announcement on the plane and then gave us each a glass of champagne “on the house” to congratulate us.

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