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How We Met

I was often given the advice that when you are ready to marry someone you should marry your best friend. And when you know, you just know. God has really given me an angel in my fiancé, Michael Hasbach. And it is true – when you know, you know. He is my best friend. We do everything together and I am sure once he started dating me a few of his guy friends felt that I had stolen their friend from them. Michael and I met in high school and we’re good friends even back when we were just young teenagers. He went off to St. Mary’s to play soccer in college and I went to Lamar University to do the same. When we came back home from college our paths crossed a few more times but the timing was never right. Until December of 2015 when he showed up in front of me again at a Dallas Cowboys football game. (I am so lucky and happy that we love all the same sports teams.) This time it was right. It was always him. We begun dating a couple months after running into each other at that game.

Lisa's Proposal in Central Park - New York City

Fast forward,12 months later he got down on one knee in the middle of Central Park and asked me to marry him. I wish anyone reading this could know Mike. Or meet him. He is the most amazing man that I know. He’s an eagle scout and a brother and a son and friend. He’s an avid lover of the Dallas Mavericks. He’s a nephew and a comedian and an Iron-man and a hip-hop dancer. His Catholic faith has brought me closer to God than I have ever been. He’s the other half of my heart and how lucky am I that he is mine forever. I can’t say enough kind things about him. And I cannot wait to marry him.

Lisa and Michael's Engagement in Central Park - New York City

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Waking up on December 30th in New York City, I was ready for another day of fun and adventures exploring the Big Apple with the love of my life. I was excited that the following day was going to be New Years Eve, but I still wanted time to slow down because there were still so many things we hadn’t seen yet. Little did I know that this would end up being the most magical day of my life. After walking over to the Empire State building and realizing that the line was too long for us to wait in – we walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and took in all of the beauty that church offers. We then returned to our hotel to shower and get ready for a horse carriage ride through Central Park before we would be going to see the Radio City Rockettes at 5 o clock. Feeling rushed as I am hurrying to get ready, I told him we didn’t have to do the carriage ride if there wasn’t time. Mike just responded with – “You need to hurry, your hair looks fine.

You always look amazing.” So, out the door we went. We get into our horse carriage, pulled by our beautiful horse Josephine, and I am feeling like a princess. I had always wanted to see Central Park and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day to take it all in. It was freezing cold and even started to snow for a few minutes, but I had Michael there to keep me warm (and plenty of blankets!) Once the carriage ride ended we got off and began walking around the park. I wanted to stop and take pictures of everything, but Mike kept nudging me along. While we we’re holding hands and walking and talking he asked me if I knew if an episode of “The Bachelor” had ever been filmed in Central Park because he thought it was a perfect place for a date. I wasn’t sure but I told him I was glad to be in Central Park with him and happy I didn’t have to worry about him going on any other dates with any other women!

After turning a corner and walking over the Bow Bridge, Mike leads me to a spot where he said would be a great place to take a picture together, capturing the bridge in the background. As soon as we step on to the platform I hear what sounded like a hundred people clapping and cheering from the bridge. So I look over there and tell Mike that I think someone is getting proposed to on that bridge. But to my surprise everyone on the bridge was staring back at me! (The people on the bridge knew what he was about to do and started cheering too early, and Mike for a second honestly thought someone else was about to steal his thunder.) So, I am looking all around trying to figure out what these people are clapping for. And then Mike pulls a beautiful sterling silver rose out of his jacket pocket.

He looks at me and says – “Well, if we were on the Bachelor I would have to ask you if you would accept my final rose.” The top of the rose opens up to reveal the most beautiful ring. He gets down on one knee and says, “Lisa Hance, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone but you. Would you do me the honor and be my wife?” I am so shocked and happy and of course I say Yes!

I was in such surprise that I actually took the glove off of my right hand and not my left hand. I finally get both gloves off and he puts the ring on finger and everyone on the bridge started cheering again. He had a photographer ready to photograph and film the whole moment. It truly truly was like being in a fairy tale – or a princess in a Disney movie.

I get to marry my best friend. I have found a love that is indescribable. He makes me better every single day. He’s the most genuine person I know. And he’s mine forever.

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