Lisa and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I have known each other for over 10 years. We first met in the choir room at our high school. A friend and I noticed Mike sitting alone in choir and we introduced ourselves. After a year of friendship we began dating our sophomore year of high school. We dated for over 2 years and at that time we needed time apart to grow as individuals and seek other friendships and relationships. Throughout our years apart Mike and I never lost complete touch. We continued to attend the same high school where we conversed occasionally in the halls, after high school we sent what we now call check in messages periodically asking how the other was doing or sending appropriate salutations for big events in our lives. When I was a senior in college Mike and I were both in very different places in our lives then when we originally met. I was about to graduate college, he had been in the workforce for a few years, most of all we were more solid in our values and beliefs as individuals. Our check ins turned to more regular calls and texts. Eventually Mike asked to visit me at college. We grabbed dinner and I took him to the top of Granddads Bluff. We have now been dating another 2 years.

Lisa and Michael's Engagement in La Crosse Wisconsin

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How They Asked

I wanted to propose in the spot where I first knew that I was going to marry you -Mike

Yesterday Mike took me back to this spot on the top of the bluff in La Crosse and got down on one knee. He said that he wanted to propose in the place that he first knew he wanted to marry me. With some jumping, screaming and crying I said yes to forever with him.

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