Lisa and Matthew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fatima, Portugal
Our story is a long one, with ups and downs and ins and outs; like all great, epic love stories. Over the summer we went to visit his family in Portugal. We were in Fátima, during the 100th year anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun”. This story is a well-known miracle that occurred in Fátima, Portugal. It began in May 1917, when three children claimed to have encountered the Virgin Mary. It was so special to be at such a holy site during this anniversary. You could feel the Faith and wonderment in the air around you. It was overwhelming; even those of little faith could feel it was a special day.

We were walking along, under a huge set of rosary beads, on holy ground, when he looked at me. It was how he had looked at me all throughout grade school, throughout high school, throughout college. He took my hand, and he said, “Lisa, you know how much I Love you right? You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you right?” And he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

When we had returned home, we began planning the wedding right away. We picked a venue. The only available date for our event was October 13, 2018. We said yes right away. We later discovered that this exact date had a direct connection to our proposal.

On October 13th 1917, the Virgin Mary had made her final appearance in Fátima. It has been said that on this day, 70,000 people were in attendance at the site where my proposal took place. The Virgin Mary appeared again to the children. She called herself ‘the Lady of the Rosary’ and requested that a church be built at the site. She gave the children visions of the future, of World War I and events to come. She urged the people repent for their sins. One of the children, Lucia shouted, ‘The sun!’ And the sun came out and shined upon Fátima. This exact date 101 years ago will now be our wedding date. This was all by chance, by fate, just as our relationship is.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fatima, Portugal