Lisa and Kyle's Paris Proposal

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How We Met: If we had to sum up our story in one sentence, we would say that our story is a testament to the old saying: If you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen!

We first met the night of Kyle’s roommate’s going away party on April 1st 2011. Just a month prior, Lisa had just moved to San Diego from Las Vegas. One of Lisa’s best friends, Nikki, happens to live in San Diego and also be good friends with Kyle’s roommate, Brandon. Nikki was invited to Brandon’s going away party and Nikki thought it would be a good idea to bring Lisa to introduce her to some San Diego people. Meanwhile, Lisa thought the party was going to be an April fool’s joke, but luckily that was not the case.

Now you think we are going to tell you how immediately we locked eyes and how it was like a fairytale story and now we are getting married, right? Well not exactly… Yes, the moment Lisa arrived Kyle was amazed by how beautiful she is and obviously Lisa thought that Kyle looked very stunningly handsome that night as well. Which Kyle immediately tried to start impressing Lisa with normal male “techniques” that clearly do not work (i.e. break dancing, talking about himself, etc.) and shocker, these had no effect on Lisa. Not to mention in Kyle’s break dancing attempt he spilled his drink on Lisa, not smooth at all! But in-between those failed attempts to impress Lisa, Kyle would show glimpses of his true character which Lisa was quite impressed by (such as his humor and caring inclination).

Now these small glimpses alone were not enough to convince Lisa to give Kyle a shot, but the kind words from her friend Nikki and Kyle’s friend Brandon to ensure her that those small glimpses of his true character were real, helped convince Lisa to go on a date with Kyle.

The next day, Kyle took Lisa to what turned out to be their favorite sushi spot to this day. That date showed Lisa the true side of Kyle and Kyle the true side of Lisa. Kyle and Lisa’s initial attraction grew into a deep love for each other’s personality. Kyle loved how Lisa laughed at his jokes and Lisa loved how Kyle laughed at hers. They just got each other. The two immediately became inseparable. Everything Kyle loved to do, Lisa loved and vice versa (except shopping, Kyle still does not like that). They found that each other made them stronger and better people.

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how they asked: Their amazing 3 year dating relationship was lucky to be followed by an amazing proposal. Kyle decided to roll the dice with a surprise engagement in Paris, because he knew how it was Lisa’s dream to go to Paris and what better way to celebrate their relationship than to do it in the most romantic city in the world. The stars aligned that day (no rain) and the proposal went amazing with Lisa saying “Yes” in front of the Love Lock Bridge in Paris on February 15th 2014. Kyle had hired a hidden photographer (Lindsey from Pictours Paris Photography) to take pictures of the event, which turned out even better then we could have ever imagined!

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Photography by Pictours Paris