Lisa and Kai

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How We Met

We met during one of my hotel night shifts, he was a new employee and had to do one night shift to see what we are doing there.

So we joke and say the first time we saw each other we spent the night together.

After that, there were messages, texts, a first date, a second date, and at some point finally FINALLY the first kiss. We moved into our first apartment after only dating for 11 months.

How They Asked

I wanted to have a couple of pictures done, which we did. We drove to a nice place, met our photographer, had a couple of pictures done.

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At one point I was asked to turn around so he could hug me from behind – but nothing happened so I turned around to look what was going on and found him on one knee. Asking the simplest questions of my life. And of course, I said YES.

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Special Thanks

Jonathan Meschke
 | Photographer