Lisa and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I met through mutual friends in our hometown. At the age of 26 it is crazy to think he has been in my life for 11 years. We started a serious relationship at the end of my senior year in high school and had been on and off until summer of 2012 when we officially got back together. After some space and maturing our minds confirmed what our hearts knew all along, we could not be apart.

how they asked

Joey was accepted into the 6 month New York City police academy in January 2016. Immediately our families decided it was necessary to throw a surprise party the day after graduation. I had spent the past couple of months planning, stressing and losing my mind so his party could be absolutely perfect. The day of the party my ploy to get him out of the house was lunch with grandma in Long Beach. We picked her up and enjoyed a bite to eat at the local diner before heading back home for the big surprise. Upon entering the backyard everyone screamed, “Surprise!!!.”

Image 1 of Lisa and Joseph

We started saying our hellos to everyone when all of a sudden he grabs my hand and pulls me into the crowd of people which parted down the middle for us.

Image 2 of Lisa and Joseph

We came to a path of rose petals ending in a heart and a banner hanging that said, “Will you marry me.”

Image 3 of Lisa and Joseph

By the time I could process what was going on he was on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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Image 5 of Lisa and Joseph

My amazing other half managed to pull a REVERSE surprise and proposed to me in front of all our closest friends and family.

Image 6 of Lisa and Joseph

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

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